Take a sneak peek into our kitchens to see how our chefs develop and test recipes--and how our editors evaluate the delicious dishes that appear in the pages of the magazine.

By Jamie Lott

From Our Kitchen to Yours

Have you ever tried a recipe from Better Homes & Gardens, and wondered who dreamed up such a great dish and how they did it? Now you don't have to wonder anymore! Find out how our editors and culinary specialists ensure you get the best recipes possible. From recipe ideation to evaluation, and from test kitchen to photography studio, these recipes make quite the journey before the food makes it to your mouth!

Recipe Creation

So how do the fabulous recipes from Better Homes & Gardens come into existence? For one, lots of testing is required to ensure the recipes are just right. More than just being delicious, recipes are designed to have modern ingredients and innovative techniques. They're also intended to cater to both first-time cooks and seasoned experts in the kitchen. 

Recipes are also created for real life, and culinary specialists consider how they would cook for their own families or prepare for parties. Essentially, they're thinking like the reader would. They make the mistakes here so that the readers don't have to!

A Look Inside the Kitchens

The Better Homes & Gardens Test Kitchen is home to 10 fully equipped kitchens with the capabilities of any home cooking space. There are also multiple brands of appliances and different kinds of cookware used throughout the kitchens. Recipes are frequently tested on different pans (for example, dark sheet pans and lighter ones or glass pie plates and aluminum ones) so the chefs can compare the results.

In addition to the test kitchens, there is a beautiful showcase kitchen developed by Mick De Giulio, a kitchen designer from the Chicago area.

Not only is the food prepared right here, photos are taken on location or in the studio. The photographs are intended to be as authentic as possible, so a few food drips and drizzles are all the better in a shot, because it's what you'd get at home!

In addition to testing recipes, these experts are also testing products that might become your next go-to appliance. From yogurt makers to slow cookers and fancy blenders, these items are all being tried out.

Additionally, Better Homes & Gardens works with partners to test or develop recipes using their ingredients. So not only are you getting the best recipes from your favorite magazine, you get great recipes from these brands as well!


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