Healthy Snack Recipes

With our healthy snack recipes, you can kick afternoon cravings without packing on pounds. Choosing the right snacks can boost your mood and health, and even help you lose weight. Get started with our easy no-recipe snack ideas. Simply assemble a few common ingredients, and you'll stop a grumbling stomach. Our shopping list of healthy snacks will help you get the right ingredients in your kitchen so you can easily whip up something to munch on without planning ahead. For more no-recipe ideas, download our chart of 200 snack ideas—all under 100 calories! We also have excellent snack recipes you can serve at a party so you can enjoy the festivities without worry. Try our always-popular chicken wings, layered dip, or even saucy ribs! If it seems like sweets are always beckoning you, try some of our simple strategies for avoiding temptations. We talk specifically about Halloween treats, but these ideas to beat cravings can be applied any day.

7 Healthy Snack Ideas to Keep Blood Sugar in Check

Prevent the roller-coaster ride of a blood sugar spike and then crash with these easy, nutritious snack ideas.
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Zucchini Chips

Need a quick veggie side dish to pair with dinner? This zucchini recipe is quick, tasty, and pairs well with almost any entree, so keep it handy for zucchini season!
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Crisp Tropical Fruit and Chocolate Mix

This yummy Paleo snack mix is a great pick-me-up when you need an afternoon snack. It's filled with healthy freeze-dried fruit and nuts, but also has a sprinkle of cocoa powder to satisfy your chocolate cravings.
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Curry Coconut Fruit Mix

This lightly spiced Paleo snack will keep for up to a week after you make it, so it's a great grab-and-go snack. Plus, it's a tasty break from Paleo snack mixes that are mostly made up of nuts!
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Sweet Potato Hummus

Say good-bye to boring hummus recipes. This hummus is perked up with sweet potatoes for an unexpected party dip idea.
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Candied Ginger Syrup

Dress up your cocktails or dessert (try a drizzle over pound cake!) with this sweet homemade ginger syrup.
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More Healthy Snack Recipes

35 Easy Healthy Snack Recipes to Curb Your Cravings

Working from home and can't stop raiding the snack pantry? Try some lightened-up eats!
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20 Sweet Snacks for 50 Calories or Less

Sometimes you just need a small snack as an afternoon pick-me-up or to help you make it through the last hour until dinnertime. These sweet snacks under 50 calories will give you the extra boost you need, and they’ll satisfy your cravings for something sweet, too.
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Beat-the-Clock Healthy Game-Day Snacks

Score big with these speedy and skinny snack ideas. With fewer than 250 calories per serving, these appetizers won't cause you to feel an ounce of guilt during overtime. Since each requires 30 minutes or less of prep time, you won't miss a minute of the action, either.