Low-Sodium Recipes

Maintaining a low-sodium diet is more easily-followed when you're making recipes from scratch so you can control the amount of salt that goes into the dish. With our collection of flavorful recipes, you'll never miss the salt. By following our recipes and simple ingredient swaps, you'll soon be on your way to a diet that's low in sodium and good for your heart-health.

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Healthy Lettuce Wrap Recipes

Looking for a low-carb appetizer or a healthy, light meal? Try a lettuce wrap! Lettuce wraps are like a handheld salad and packed with protein. Whether you choose Asian lettuce wraps or a chicken wrap recipe, you'll want to make these wraps for lunch tomorrow.

Healthy High-Potassium Recipes

If you¿re looking for a natural, inexpensive way to control blood pressure, look no further than your kitchen! Fruits, vegetables, fresh meat, and dairy products all contain potassium, which studies show can help lower and control blood pressure. Use our tasty recipes to help you reach the daily recommended 3,500 mg of this health-promoting mineral and fight hypertension.

Low-Sodium Rub Recipes

Keep your sodium intake down with these healthful choices for adding spice to your meals.

Low-Sodium Dinner Recipes That Are Still Packed with Flavor

Salt, time for you to take a day off. These dishes offer all of the spice and flavor with far less sodium.

Low-Sodium Food Swaps

Searching for low-sodium foods at the supermarket can be a time-consuming task. We've gathered 22 low-sodium foods to get you started.

Heart-Healthy Cooking Shortcuts

Heart-Healthy Living's test kitchen expert offers the top 15 ways to lighten up your favorite recipes.

More Low-Sodium Recipes

Best Pantry Picks for a Low-Sodium Diet

We recommend these low-sodium and no-salt-added pantry staples. From condiments and vegetables to soup and meat, each product meets government standards to be labeled as a low-sodium food.

How to Cook with Less Salt

Cut sodium in the kitchen without cutting flavor. We'll show you how to find a salt substitute and give examples of low salt recipes.