6 Low-Fat Dinner Recipes

Beefy Italian Skillet

Keep your meals heart-healthy with our low-fat dinner recipes. We've gathered some of your favorite main-dish staples, all containing eight grams of fat or less.

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Lentil-Toasted Barley Soup with Sausage

Lentil-Toasted Barley Soup with Sausage

Fat: 7 g (2 g saturated fat)

One reader called this veggie-packed lentil soup the "perfect dinner on a chilly night." We love that it's packed with fiber-rich barley, nutrient-loaded spinach, and the subtle heat of fire-roasted tomatoes, garlic, and cumin.

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Greek-Seasoned Pork with Lemon Couscous

Greek Seasoned Pork with Lemon Couscous

Fat: 8 g (2 g saturated fat)

Fresh lemon peel mingles with spinach and couscous, perfectly complementing the Greek seasoning on our pork chops. Create this low-fat feast for four in just 20 minutes.

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Creamy Farro-Smothered Portobellos

Creamy Farro-Smothered Portobellos

Fat: 6 g (4 g saturated fat)

Fill portobello mushrooms with farro— an ancient grain with a chewy, nutty texture—as well as Swiss chard, dried tomatoes, and thyme to make a delicious low-fat vegetarian meal. You can find farro in the health section of most grocery stores.

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Sesame-Ginger Turkey Wraps

Sesame Ginger Turkey Wraps

Fat: 5 g (1 g saturated fat)

These turkey wraps are a healthy alternative to your sandwich staple. Lean turkey, shredded broccoli, and a sesame-ginger sauce offer big flavor without the added calories.

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Turkey Taco Salad

Turkey Taco Salad

Fat: 7 g (2 g saturated fat)

Say ole! to a healthier take on a Mexican restaurant staple. Skipping the fried shell in favor of a few baked tortilla chips saves huge on fat and calories.

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Chunky Minestrone

Chunky Minestrone

Fat: 4 g (1 g saturated fat)

This veggie-stuffed classic cooks in 50 minutes in a Dutch oven, letting you focus on family rather than dinner prep.

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