Healthy High-Potassium Recipes

Glazed Chicken with Wilted Spinach
If you¿re looking for a natural, inexpensive way to control blood pressure, look no further than your kitchen! Fruits, vegetables, fresh meat, and dairy products all contain potassium, which studies show can help lower and control blood pressure. Use our tasty recipes to help you reach the daily recommended 3,500 mg of this health-promoting mineral and fight hypertension.

Benefits of Potassium

Potassium has many benefits:
--Regular consumption can lower and control blood pressure.
--High potassium intake has been linked to lower risk of stroke.

One note of caution: If you have kidney disease, you may be asked to restrict potassium intake.

We've gathered recipes that have at least 20 percent of your daily potassium needs, making them an excellent source of this heart-healthy nutrient.

Southwest Chicken Skillet
Potassium: 738 mg

Fresh and flavorful, this dinner for four gets potassium from corn and onion. You'll love the zippy taste, courtesy of salt-free seasoning and from-the-bottle salsa.

Chunky Minestrone

Potassium: 765 mg

Full to the brim with potassium-rich baby spinach, onion, and beans, you'll feel satisfied after enjoying this veggie-stuffed favorite.

Salmon Potato Scramble

Potassium: 721 mg

Get your potassium from this dish's heart-healthy protein: salmon. The tasty fish goes great alongside chopped green onions, scrambled eggs, and potato wedges in this not-so-standard dinner.

Beef and Sweet Potato Stew

Potassium: 981 mg

A top power food for heart health, sweet potatoes are loaded with potassium. Slow-cooked alongside stew meat, diced tomatoes, and -- surprise! -- dried apricots, they add a lean yet hearty presence to your dinner table.

Strawberry-Spinach Salad with Citrus Dressing

Potassium: 829 mg

Spinach and strawberries are good sources of potassium, and they come together in this sweet lunch. The fruit-infused dressing and chicken slices create a salad that shuns the side-dish category.

Spaghetti Squash with Chili

Potassium: 1,083 mg

Pass up pasta for potassium-rich squash and you get this delightful dish full of classic flavors. Lean ground beef, diced tomatoes, and chopped onion help create the filling chili sauce.

Chipotle Baby Back Ribs

Potassium: 873 mg

Pork is a potassium-rich food, and these saucy baby back ribs make getting enough of the nutrient a simple feat. With just six ingredients in this slow cooker dinner, you'll always have a simple answer to the question, "What's for dinner?"

Steak Salad with Buttermilk Dressing

Potassium: 918 mg

Couldn't-be-simpler salad greens and fresh veggies add up to an excellent source of potassium. Even buttermilk helps out, adding more potassium -- and a kick -- to your dinner.

Potato Wedges

Potassium: 720 mg

Looking for a side dish that can hold its own in the potassium department? Taste-test these super-simple potato wedges, seasoned with spices and garlic.

Barley-Vegetable Soup

Potassium: 743 mg

Grains, such as barley, add up quick when it comes to potassium. Stew the barley with zucchini, peppers, onion, and tomato juice for a hearty entree or fantastic sandwich companion.

Beefy Italian Skillet

Potassium: 1,002 mg

One serving of this pasta-and-beef dish provides you with nearly one-third of your daily potassium need. With fresh mushrooms, chopped celery, tomatoes, and flavorful spices, you'll enjoy every bite.

Mixed Bean Cassoulet

Potassium: 740 mg

Oodles of potassium-rich beans mix in this comforting mash-up of basic ingredients. Sourdough bread crumbs coat the top -- why resist this soon-to-be-favorite?

Garlic Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

Potassium: 860 mg

Sweet potatoes and sweet onions up the potassium in this stunning dish. You'll love that it only requires eight ingredients to create.

Baked Squash with Apples and Cranberries

Potassium: 837 mg

This dish is stuffed with potassium-rich ingredients while staying low in calories (just 207 per serving). Serve it as a sweet side or create a new dessert standard with this warm finish.

Chicken & Garbanzo Bean Soup

Potassium: 710 mg

Carrots are a potassium highlight in this fresh, light soup. Toss chickpeas, fennel, onion, chicken, and spices in a slow cooker; cook for 6 to 7 hours on low, and voila! A scrumptious lunch or dinner.

Salmon with Whole Wheat Pasta

Potassium: 866 mg

Fresh or frozen salmon fillets help bump up the potassium, while cherry tomatoes and green peppers do their part, too.

Stuffed Pork Loin

Potassium: 723 mg

Getting your daily dose of potassium never tasted this good! Fresh spinach, tart cherries, chopped pecans, apricot jam, and spices mix in the middle of a pork loin for a tasty entree.

Quinoa and Curried Shrimp

Potassium: 845 mg

Grains, such as this recipe's quinoa, add potassium to any meal. Packed with onions, peas, and orange juice, this dinner for four has loads of high-potassium ingredients.

Northwest Roasted Halibut

Potassium: 738 mg

The combination of halibut and a sauce made from mixed berries helps boost the potassium in this five-ingredient dinner. Adding a side of green beans ups the count even more.

Ginger-Squash Soup

Potassium: 838 mg

Tasty squash is packed with potassium, and in this squash-based soup you get tons of flavor for just 122 calories.

Grilled Pork and Pineapple

Potassium: 792 mg

Even the yogurt in the glaze contributes to this dish's potassium numbers. You'll love the tangy grilled pork alongside the sweetness of pineapples.

Turkey Kabobs with Orange-Mustard Glaze

Potassium: 737 mg

Turkey, squash, tomatoes, and even the orange juice in the marinade contribute to this kabob's potassium count. Toss one of these on a grill for a fresh dinner idea.

Garlic-Basil Halibut

Potassium: 783 mg

The halibut in this super-simple six-ingredient dinner accounts for most of the 783 mg of potassium. Basil, butter, garlic, salt, and pepper add quick, inexpensive flavor.

Adobo Black Bean Chili

Potassium: 963 mg

This chili is loaded with potassium! Tomatoes, corn, sweet pepper, and beans help up the ante. Enjoy this stew as a warmup on a cool day.

Turkey Stroganoff

Potassium: 783 mg

Creamy dairy plus broccoli add flavor and potassium to this turkey main dish. Ladled over noodles, this healthier take on often-fatty stroganoff will change your thinking about comfort foods.

Cajun Pork

Potassium: 703 mg

The classic potassium-rich ingredients do it again: Tomatoes, peppers, brown rice, and pork make this a health winner and dinner favorite.

Braised Parsnips, Squash, and Cranberries

Potassium: 844 mg

Two types of potassium-rich squash highlight this side or main dish. Cranberries add sweet flavor while garlic cloves and onions add bite.

Asian-Seasoned Fish

Potassium: 898 mg

Fish and steamed rice add to the heart-healthy potassium here. Flavor the white fish fillets with Asian-inspired ingredients, such as hoisin and soy sauces.

Glazed-Chicken Spinach Salad

Potassium: 933 mg

A delicious apple glaze and spinach are the major potassium contributors in this sweet dinner. Make the glaze as a topper for pork or steamed vegetables for another meal.

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