Heart-Healthy Recipes

Learn how to boost your heart health with these heart-healthy recipes and meals. Here you'll find hundreds of ideas for heart-healthy recipes for every meal and occasion. Breakfast, lunch, dinner? Of course! But we didn't forget about healthy desserts, side dishes, snacks, restaurant favorites, comfort foods, and holiday recipes. You'll find taste-tested recipes that you'll be proud to serve. Some foods such as beans, fish, and whole grains have added heart benefits; we'll show you how to make these healthy foods delicious. If you think eating foods that are heart-healthy means a bigger grocery bill, think again. We have healthy dinner ideas that ring up at $3 or less per serving! In addition to delicious recipes, we have dozens of heart-healthy cooking tips and tricks you can use to make all your recipes better for you. Start with advice on low-sodium food swaps and how to cook with less salt. Our guide to stocking your pantry with heart-smart ingredients will ensure you can make a heart-healthy dinner any night.

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Green Bean and Mushroom Skillet
Save prep time on this skillet take of a green bean casserole by using frozen green beans, presliced mushrooms, and purchased fried onions.
Tomato Salad with Guajillo Chile Dressing
This vibrant salad inspired by the colors of the Mexican flag features a tantalizing blend of garlic, guajillo pepper, cilantro, and onion atop a bed of tomatoes.
Avocado-Poblano Salsa
Broiled peppers brings a nice smoky flavor to this fresh salsa recipe. The creamy avocado mellows out the spice.
Roasted Red Pepper Pesto
Spoon this delicious low-sugar sauce over shrimp and fish, drizzle over tacos or quesadillas, or toss with rice and pasta.
Smoked Almond Curry Bread
Chopped smoked almonds add a crunchy bite to this mild curry-spice loaf. After just 15 minutes of prep time, your bread machine will do the rest of the work for you.
Roasted Garlic and Stout Bread
Keep an extra bottle of your favorite dark beer handy for this decadent bread machine recipe. The roasted garlic adds a nice tangy finish to every bite.

More Heart-Healthy Recipes

Lemon-Blueberry Bread
Enjoy a warm slice of bread right out of the bread machine that tastes like sweet blueberry with a hint of lemon.
Fresh Macaroni Salad
Lighten up classic pasta salad by opting for multigrain pasta, oodles of veggies and a low-calorie homemade yogurt dressing.

Raspberry-Prosecco Cocktail

To make a large batch of this fruity cocktail, add all ingredients except the Prosecco to a pitcher. Add Prosseco to individual glasses just before serving.