Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes

Chipotle Scalloped Sweet Potatoes
If you love sweet potatoes, you're onto something truly good. Loaded with vitamin A and fiber, the famed fall ingredient is healthy, too. Whether you like yours mashed as a side, mixed into low-calorie cookies, or chopped in a hearty sweet potato casserole, we have a healthy sweet potato recipe that fills the bill.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Mushrooms and Bacon

Studded with rich cremini mushrooms, crumbled bacon, and plump golden raisins, these are not your average mashed sweet potatoes. The bold sweet-and-savory side dish tastes too good to be healthy, but it actually has fewer than 200 calories per serving.

Red Bean, Chicken, and Sweet Potato Stew

Warm up with a simmering batch of Cajun-spiced sweet potato stew. Each bowlful is overflowing with protein-loaded chicken and red beans, and flavored with tender sweet potatoes and lightly spicy green chiles.

Cranberry-Pear Chutney-Topped Sweet Potatoes

Celebrate the sweet things in life with this fruity, chutney-topped sweet potato recipe. Pears and cranberries simmer with spicy cardamom for a unique add-on that's also low-calorie.

Savory Egg and Sweet Potato Scramble

Perfect for leftover sweet potatoes, this savory scramble blends smoky cumin with iron-rich spinach, just-crispy sweet potatoes, and buttery scrambled eggs.

Goat Cheese Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Tangy goat cheese is the perfect complement to mashed sweet potatoes, and it makes them that much creamier. A sprinkle of roasted pistachios puts a nutty twist on this healthy recipe.

Watch as we cook up a delicious side of mashed sweet potatoes with goat cheese and pistachios.

Copy Us! Goat Cheese Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Follow our video for the tips and tricks you need to make the creamiest goat cheese mashed potatoes.

Sweet Potato Fries

Baked with olive oil until just crisp, sweet potato fries have everything you love about french fries without the guilt. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and parsley for a healthy snack or side that only feels like an indulgence.

Sweet Potato and Rice Casserole

For the perfect fall casserole, look no further. Our sage-laced blend of rice, chopped sweet potato, and fiber-rich edamame and black beans is a healthy, meatless main-dish recipe.

Coconut-Curry Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Creamy coconut milk and a dash of curry add an Indian-style twist to mashed potatoes. The mildly sweet flavor of sweet potatoes blends with flaked coconut and fresh cilantro for an intricately flavored side dish that's ready in 30 minutes.

Sweet Potato-Pecan Cookies

Sweet potatoes add moisture and their trademark sweetness to these nutty pecan cookies. Add a dab of our maple-cream cheese frosting for double the delicious.

Sweet Potato Fritters with Yogurt-Chive Dipping Sauce

If you thought eating healthy meant giving up fried foods forever, think again. These fun fritters have only 53 calories a pop, and they’re packed with vitamin A. Low-fat yogurt and fresh chives make a tangy sauce that's perfect for dunking.

Orange-Sage Sweet Potatoes with Bacon

Light herbs and tangy orange juice mingle with soft, slow-cooked sweet potatoes for an elegant and healthy side dish. Finish off this sweet potato recipe with a salty sprinkling of crumbled bacon.

Streusel-Topped Sweet Potatoes

Healthy and streusel can coexist. Don't believe us? Try our lightly sweetened blend of nutrient-rich flaxseeds, cracked wheat, and pecans. The sweet, crunchy topping makes this sweet potato recipe almost dessert-worthy.

Chipotle Scalloped Sweet Potatoes

You'll love the spicy edge chipotle peppers bring to this sweet potato recipe. Topped with shredded queso quesadilla, the low-calorie side offers a Mexican take on scalloped potatoes.

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