Healthy Green Side Dishes

These healthy side dishes add nutritional punch to any entree. Our green sides are flavorful, full of tasty vegetables, and can even be indulgent. Bonus: Green side dishes bring healthy nutrients, such as vitamin A, fiber, and antioxidants, into your diet (and can help you stick to a healthy eating plan, too!).

Grilled Asparagus in Dill Butter

Grilled veggies are a staple to living a healthy lifestyle. Spice up a simple grilled asparagus recipe with homemade dill butter and a sprinkling of finely shredded Parmesean cheese.

Broccolini with Peas and Seared Lemons

This ultrahealthy side dish rings in at just 48 calories per serving, thanks to nutrient-rich veggies including Broccolini, Swiss chard, and peas. Add a citrusy tang to the recipe with seared lemon slices.

Soy- and Chile-Glazed Brussels Sprouts

Making the perfect Brussels sprouts recipe is easy -- it's all in the glaze. Simple ingredients, including soy sauce, chile pepper, and honey, are combined and cooked down into an intensely flavored glaze that coats the sauteed Brussels sprouts without adding all the calories.

Two-Tone Green Bean Salad

Spice up your usual green beans recipe with a fresh lemon-based dressing and fun toppers, including hazelnuts and Parmesan. By using the homemade dressing instead of a bottled version, you'll cut loads of calories from this healthy side dish.

So-Easy Side Dish: Green Beans!

Need a simple and healthy side dish? Try on of these four easy ways to cook green beans.

Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Green Onion Vinaigrette

Mix delicate shaved Brussels sprouts with zesty oranges and the fresh tang of coriander for this distinctive salad. Out of oranges? Substitute with the citrus you have on hand.

Massaged Kale

Get ready for the easiest way to prep nutrient-rich kale: Just massage in a few ingredients, then serve. We used olive oil, lemon juice, and kosher salt for our no-cook side dish that's just 20 calories per serving.

Braised Collard Greens

Make this classic healthy side dish just like they do in the South! To transform nutrient-rich collard greens into rich and tender soul food, Southern cooks usually cook them with a meaty piece of pork.

Eat like Popeye with good-for-you greens, such as Swiss chard or spinach. Because greens cook down so much, we'll help you get the right amount to start.

Healthy Cooking School: All About Greens

Worried about cooking down your greens? It's all about proportion (in this case, the more, the better).

Sesame Kale and Edamame

If you're worried about eating healthy with a busy schedule, our veggie-loaded side dish is a perfect choice. It's ready in just 25 minutes and features both kale and edamame, which offer a host of nutrients without adding calories.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apple and Pancetta

This colorful dish mixes balsamic vinegar, honey, and mustard for a tasty mix of sweet and savory. At just 141 calories per serving, it’s a healthy recipe to round out any meal.

Collard Greens with Lemon, Farro, and Feta

Add potassium and vitamins to your meal with a delicious take on your favorite collard greens recipe. We've spiced up the side with fresh lemon, feta cheese, and farro.

Broiled Bok Choy with Miso Sauce

The ginger, honey, and orange found in this healthy side dish perfectly complement the slightly sweet, mild flavor of bok choy. Add a little miso for a salty-savory flavor.

Sauteed Greens with Chickpeas

Mild, sweet spinach balances the spicy bite of mustard greens in our veggie-packed side dish. Not only do the greens add loads of nutrients, but chickpeas tossed into the mix add extra protein.

Spinach Salad with Indian-Spiced Garbanzos, Apricots, and Onions

Crispy flatbread brings a satisfying crunch to this delicious greens-based salad. Adding garbanzo beans to the spinach creates a healthy side dish that covers several food groups.

Braised Swiss Chard with Currants and Almonds

Not only does this recipe take less than 30 minutes from start to finish, but it combines great taste with lots of nutrients. Pairing bright lemon juice with dried currants brings zip to this side dish.

Brussels Sprouts and Noodle Stir-Fry with Cilantro and Almonds

Red onion and fresh cilantro add bright color to this tasty Brussels sprouts side dish. Prepare the classic green veggie with ingredients such as soy sauce and fresh ginger to give an old dish new life.

Braised Greens

The real secret to this recipe is using an assortment of greens: kale, mustard, or even collard greens. Adding spicy jalapeno peppers, country ham, and balsamic vinegar ensures this dish is as full of flavor as it is nutritious.

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