Healthy Casseroles for Fall

Love casseroles but hate the calories? Fear not. Our healthy casserole recipes are cheesy and rich, and they all clock in under 400 calories per serving. With classic fall sides like green bean casserole and mains like baked ziti and macaroni and cheese, our recipes let you enjoy healthy casseroles throughout the season.

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    Healthy Baked Cavatelli

    This hearty fall casserole recipe is called "healthy" for a reason! Packed with veggies, turkey sausage, and reduced-fat cheese, the bubbly low-fat dish offers a smart way to satisfy those cold-weather cravings. And did we mention it's only 254 calories per serving?

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    Chicken Alfredo Cauliflower Rice Bake

    This creamy, dreamy dish may not seem like a healthy casserole, but it is! The healthy chicken casserole is not only hiding a serving of cauliflower, but also spinach, too. 

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    Caprese Casserole

    Use up the last of your fresh summer tomatoes and bake them alongside pasta, spinach, and chickpeas in this healthy casserole. The tiny tomatoes may remind you of summer, but this gooey, cheesy casserole was made for a chilly fall night.

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    Make-Ahead Pastitsio

    Healthy casseroles don't have to be bland! With Alfredo sauce, beef, and pasta, this rich dish is anything but. And thanks to chopped carrots and celery (and individual ramekin portions), you can indulge in this cheesy fall casserole guilt-free.

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    Smoky Wild Rice Casserole

    Asparagus may not seem like a classic fall casserole ingredient, but since it's available year-round in grocery stores, we're giving this dish a pass. Plus, thanks to wild rice, turkey sausage, and fennel, this comforting healthy casserole tastes just like Thanksgiving stuffing.

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    Turkey Dinner Shepherd's Pie

    From the turkey to the green beans to the cranberries, this healthy casserole is packed with fall ingredients. Plus, we love the artfully piped sweet potatoes on top!

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    Gnocchi and Meatball Bake

    Loaded with Italian herbs including oregano, basil, and fennel, our homemade meatballs are full of flavor and low in fat thanks to lean ground beef. Store-bought potato gnocchi and light tomato sauce keep this fall casserole healthy and easy to make.

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    Hot and Cheesy Chicken Casserole

    Chicken and veggies combine with creamy soups to make this deliciously cheesy and healthy chicken casserole. Choose low-sodium soups to decrease the sodium content.

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    Four-Cheese Butternut Squash Macaroni and Cheese

    Healthy macaroni and cheese? You bet. Our recipe is under 300 calories per serving, and it's packed with vitamins and contains a good dose of protein. Its four-cheese blend isn't too shabby, either.

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    Vegetable Lasagna

    This easy lasagna is so cheesy you won't believe it's actually healthy (but it is!). Plus, the mix of frozen and fresh veggies makes the prep time for this healthy casserole a cinch.

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    Baked Penne Florentine

    This healthy casserole may look like it's just pasta, spinach, and bread crumbs, but it's so much more. Cashews and beans blend together to add heartiness while also giving the dish a nutty fall flavor. Craving some spice? Serve with hot sauce for a low-cal kick.

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    Vegetable-Loaded Pasta Bake

    Cauliflower, carrots, and kale—oh my! With seven veggies and less than 400 calories per serving, this pasta bake is basically a model for "healthy casseroles."

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    Eggplant, Fennel, and Sausage Slow Cooker Baked Ziti

    The flavor? Sophisticated. The calories? Minimal. Savory fall veggies, including mellow ribbons of fennel and tender chunks of eggplant, make this slow cooker twist on a classic casserole recipe a 255-calorie feast to remember. We added fire-roasted tomatoes and wine for extra depth of flavor.

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    Garlic Cashew and Chicken Casserole

    This bright-color, veggie-packed healthy casserole perfectly matches the autumn leaves outside. Cashews and chow mein noodles give unexpected crunch to this low-cal dinner.

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    Beef and Vegetable Biscuit Bake

    Need a healthy casserole recipe that's ready in less than an hour and healthy to boot? This 309-calorie wonder delivers. A savory mixture of autumn veggies and extra-lean ground beef forms a hearty (but low-cal) base for flaky, golden-brown biscuits.

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    Ham and Spinach Two-Cheese Pasta

    Delicious as a sandwich, ham and cheese easily works as a fall casserole, too. Spinach adds color and nutrients. Use a different type of pasta if you'd like, but stick to whole grain for extra fiber.

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    Chicken and Stuffing Bake

    Savory stuffing mix gives our creamy and healthy chicken casserole the familiar goodness of your favorite Thanksgiving side. Instead of cheese, we mixed in cream of chicken soup and sour cream for double the decadence and only 383 calories per serving.

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    Spinach, Butternut Squash, and Pasta Bake

    Nutty squash teams up with iron-rich spinach and spiral cellentani pasta for a fall casserole that's healthy and comforting. A blend of Parmigiano-Reggiano and Fontina cheeses adds a level of rich Italian flavor worthy of a gourmet meal.

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    Barley-Butternut Casserole

    Swapping fiber-loaded barley for pasta makes all the difference in this healthy casserole recipe. Fall favorites like salty maple bacon and tender butternut squash punch up the flavor to company-worthy status.

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    Fruited Multigrain Pilaf

    Full of hearty grains like wheat berries, farro, and wild rice, our pilaf-style side-dish casserole has 4 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein while staying under 200 calories per serving. Dried cranberries and chopped apples give this healthy casserole recipe hints of fresh sweetness.

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    Cajun Shrimp and Corn Bread Casserole

    Shells-on shrimp and Cajun seasoning bring the taste of New Orleans to your kitchen, while veggies and corn bread dumplings give the dish a comforting touch of fall. Who says healthy casseroles can't be satisfying?

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    Turkey Tetrazzini Bake

    It's hard to believe this comforting fall casserole, with its homemade garlicky cream sauce and crunchy crumb topping, is only 281 calories per serving. But it is! We're guessing the low-fat dairy products and abundant veggies have something to do with it.

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    Creamy Green Beans with Crispy Shallots

    Rather than using store-bought mix-ins for creaminess, we made our own nutmeg-infused cream sauce to cut calories and fat from this traditional green bean casserole recipe. Crispy fried shallots top off this low-calorie take on a classic fall casserole.

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    Healthy in a Hurry

    Make a wholesome dinner in a flash with our best fast and healthy recipes. You'll find all the nutritious slow cooker, skillet, and 5-ingredient meals you need in this digital cookbook.

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    Cheesy Butternut Squash Cavatappi Bake

    Believe it! This gooey, bacon-studded casserole has fewer than 350 calories per serving. The secret? Creamy butternut squash lets you eliminate some of the cheese for a lower-fat but equally delicious healthy casserole recipe.

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    Sweet Potato and Rice Casserole

    Warm up on a chilly fall day with this healthy casserole, our version of sweet potato casserole. The flavor-packed recipe features a vitamin-loaded blend of sweet potatoes, edamame, spicy chiles, and fresh sage.

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    Tuscan Cheese Potato Bake

    Good thing this potato casserole recipe is low-calorie: Its contrast of creamy, cheesy filling and crispy panko topping is impossible to resist. Best of all, this Italian-inspired dish has enough protein for a full meal.

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    Dijon Lentil and Sausage Casserole

    Hearty sausage and protein-packed red lentils combine with seasonal veggies (think sweet, earthy parsnips and pungent shallots) for a 236 calorie per serving healthy casserole your family is sure to request again and again!

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    Lentil and Veggie Shepherd's Pie

    Searching for a healthy, meatless shepherd's pie that even carnivores will love? Just mound cheesy, garlic-infused mashed potatoes over a savory filling of lentils, greens, and chopped fall veggies for a tasty and easy casserole. We guarantee you won't miss the meat—or the calories!

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    Turkey Stuffing Bake

    Craving Thanksgiving flavors, but don't want to break the calorie bank? Try this comforting, healthy casserole. Stuffing mix and rice form a filling base, while turkey, eggs, and milk provide a generous amount of protein. Red sweet pepper and a bright sherry sauce keep flavors light and balanced.

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