Healthy Hot Dogs with 6 Grams of Fat or Less

You don't have to give up hot dogs at summer cookouts, but for heart health, you should be choosy. These flavorful franks have no more than 6 grams of fat per serving and as little as half the sodium and calories of the average hot dog.

Yes, There are Heart-Smart Hot Dogs!

Yes, There are Heart-Smart Hot Dogs!

During hot dog season (Memorial Day to Labor Day), Americans typically eat 7 billion hot dogs. Heart-Healthy Living did the legwork for you and found five heart-smart hot dogs you can enjoy using the following criteria:

-- Tastes great

-- Lower fat: 6 grams of fat or less per serving (half the fat of typical hot dogs)

-- Lower sodium: Less than 480 mg sodium per serving (the lower the better)

Bonus: Hot dog brands scored extra points for being antibiotic-free, nitrite/nitrate-free, and Kosher