11 Best Healthy Snacks for Travel to Keep You Well-Fueled

Whether you're driving through a fast-food restaurant, making a stop for coffee, or in need of a grab-and-go airport bite, here are our best travel snack ideas.

Just like your car or plane, you need gas to power through a stressful journey, too. Rather than relying on the airline freebies (a handful of pretzels will only hold you over for so long!) or gas station candy bars, refuel with these healthy travel snacks.

With less than 300 calories and more than 7 grams of protein per serving, these grab-and-go airport shop bites, light meals from fast-food restaurants, and homemade travel snacks to pack will help you steer clear of the hangries as you approach your destination.

Six packs of Sahale Nut Blends
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The Best Healthy Airport Snacks

1. Sahale All-Natural Nut Blends Grab-and-Go Pack (190-220 calories, 4-7 g protein)

Dried fruit adds the just-right amount of sweetness to this healthy travel food. Simple ingredients (such as vanilla beans, chipotle chili, and lemon) make a big impact to elevate these mixes beyond your usual nut snack. Opt for Honey Almond option for the most protein per pack.

2. 7-ounce FAGE Total 2 Percent Greek Yogurt + 1 apple (140 calories, 20 g protein)

Pair a piece of fresh fruit with a grab-and-go cub of no-sugar-added, protein-packed Greek yogurt. Since it’s not TSA-approved to pass through security at this size, snag a FAGE (or similar all-natural Greek yogurt) from the refrigerated section of the airport snack shop.

Buy It (for home or road travel): 7-ounce FAGE Total 2 Percent Greek Yogurt, $2.63

3. RXBAR Whole Food Protein Bar (210 calories, 12 g protein)

Egg whites and nuts load these bars up with appetite-squashing protein. They're free of sugars, dairy, gluten, and soy—in fact, almost everything that's inside is listed on the front of the package. (For example, the Coconut Chocolate RX Bar is three egg whites, six almonds, four cashews, and two dates, plus a bit of chocolate, sea salt, and coconut.)

Buy It: RXBAR Whole Food Protein Bar (Box of 12), $26.73

4. Justin’s Classic Almond Butter Squeeze Pack + 1 banana (295 calories, 8 g protein)

Be mindful of peanut allergies as you enjoy your nut butter fix. These almond butter packs are small enough to pass through security, so pack several in your quart-sized zip-top bag to spread on bananas, schmear on bagels, and stir into oatmeal. With 18 grams of healthy fat, this travel snack will hold you over for quite some time!

Buy It: Justin’s Classic Almond Butter Squeeze Pack (Box of 10), $11.90

Woman's hands holding pack of two Starbucks Chicken Chorizo Sous Vide Egg BItes
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The Best Healthy Road Trip Snacks

5. Starbucks Sous Vide Egg Bites: Chicken Chorizo Tortilla (230 calories, 15 g protein)

Featuring whole eggs (the yolks contain almost all of the nutrition, so don’t skip them!), cottage cheese, and chicken chorizo sausage, two of these Mexican-inspired bites pack a surprising amount of protein in a small package. As with most restaurant food, this healthy road trip snack is fairly high-sodium, so be sure to supplement with a bottle of water.

6. Chick-fil-A Grilled Nuggets (140 calories, 25 g protein)

In addition to a hefty dose of protein, these grilled chicken nuggets supply 10 percent of your vitamin C needs. Just be sure to dunk smartly, as your options vary widely in nutrition.

  • Chick-fil-A Sauce: 140 calories
  • Garlic and Herb Ranch Sauce: 140 calories
  • Polynesian Sauce: 110 calories
  • Honey Mustard Sauce: 45 calories
  • Barbecue Sauce: 45 calories
  • Sweet and Spicy Sriracha Sauce: 45 calories
  • Zesty Buffalo Sauce: 30 calories

7. Jimmy John’s Turkey Tom Unwich (230 calories, 14 g protein)

Unaccustomed to the Jimmy John’s lingo? Unwich = a sandwich made with a lettuce “bun” instead of a baguette. That means this drive-through order is not only keto diet-friendly but also gluten-free. Turkey, tomato, and mayo are rolled inside the lettuce wrap. Ask for avocado spread (25 calories) in place of the mayo (150 calories) to make this healthy travel snack even slimmer.

8. Dunkin’ Wake-Up Wrap with Egg and Turkey Sausage (240 calories, 13 g fat)

Since this egg and turkey sausage creation is served in a tortilla rather than a hamburger bun, biscuit, or English muffin, it’s fairly low in carbs. Eggs, with 6 grams of protein each, shouldn’t just be reserved for breakfast. They’re brilliant as a healthy travel food option, whether hard-boiled or included in a sandwich.

crunchy peanut butter and apple wrap in lunch box with banana and cheese stick

The Best Homemade Travel Snacks

9. Crunchy PB and A Wrap (254 calories, 8 g protein)

In other tucked-inside-a-tortilla news, this DIY wrap can be customized with your favorite nut butter or nut butter substitute. It takes just five minutes to assemble several to share as a super snack for the whole family. Kids will adore the pinwheel shape!

10. Mixed Berry Smoothie (203 calories, 10 g protein)

Pour this Greek yogurt and fruit smoothie recipe into a tumbler with a straw and you can sip as you click on your cruise control and start crossing off the miles. A half tablespoon of honey is plenty to sweeten each serving when bananas, berries, and pomegranate juice are in the blend, too.

11. Chia Pudding with Fruit (161 calories, 7 g protein)

Chia seeds sneak a lot of fiber and protein into a tiny package. Soak them overnight in coconut milk, Greek yogurt, maple syrup, and vanilla before topping with fruit and packing this healthy travel snack to go.

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