Stuffed Pepper Recipes: 13 Hearty Dinners You'll Make Again and Again

Stuffed Peppers Mole
Peppers can be chopped, diced, roasted or -- our personal favorite -- stuffed. These hearty dinner recipes feature peppers filled with the likes of orzo or shrimp. And when a pepper act as a bowl, cleanup is extra easy.

Southwestern Stuffed Roasted Peppers

This might be the heartiest stuffed pepper ever. Shrimp, chicken, sausage, and veggies combine in perfectly roasted sweet peppers -- all smothered in Alfredo sauce.

Farro-Stuffed Peppers

Curry powder turns fresh sweet corn and summer squash into an extra-flavorful filling for red sweet peppers. Farro and Fontina cheese amp up the heartiness.

Taco-Stuffed Peppers

Taco about a great idea! This food hybrid featuring ground beef, salsa, beans, and veggies will likely become one of your weekly meal staples.

Barley-Stuffed Peppers

Mushrooms just found their happy place stuffed in a sweet pepper. Rosemary, basil, barley, and mozzarella dress up the dish.

Stuffed Poblano Chiles with Sausage & Corn

Sweet peppers aren't the only veggie that can be stuffed -- any kind of pepper works. This dish uses poblanos. Green pepper, serrano chile pepper, and diced pimiento (plus extra spices) bring extra heat. Farro, celery, and sweet corn tone it down a bit while tying the dish together.

Quinoa-Stuffed Sweet Peppers

We all know quinoa is healthy. Now serve that nutritious grain with some extra veggies in a plump sweet pepper. Talk about a good-for-you meal.

Peppers Stuffed with Quinoa and Spinach

Three veggies, two grains, and extra cheese means this easy, vegetarian-stuffed pepper is super filling. You won't miss the meat!

Za'atar Rice Stuffed Peppers

Za'atar is a blend of Middle Eastern herbs, and it makes plain basmati rice and garbanzo beans super tasty. Throw in some tomatoes and spices, stuff it all in a pepper, and top with Greek yogurt for a flavorful weeknight dinner.

Orzo Stuffed Peppers with Feta and Mint

Mint and feta lend a surprising burst of flavor to the sausage-and-orzo filling in these hearty main-dish peppers.

Lentil- and Rice-Stuffed Peppers

Lentils and rice meet up with brown sugar and yellow mustard in this unexpected dinner -- all served in a sweet pepper.

Bean-and-Rice-Stuffed Peppers

This recipe may play it safe, but that doesn't mean it isn't delicious. Tomato sauce, chili gravy, and Monterey Jack amp up the taste of the bean-and-rice filling.

Sweet Peppers Stuffed with Applewood Bacon Risotto

Mmm, bacon. Serving comforting risotto in sweet peppers enhances the flavor while making cleanup extra easy!

Veggie-Stuffed Peppers

Why not stuff a veggie with more veggies? Sweet peppers become a main dish when filled with rice, kale, tomatoes, olives, and feta cheese. Walnuts give the meal crunch.

Stuffed Peppers Mole

Mole sauce, Mexican cheese, and Spanish-style rice give this meaty stuffed pepper recipe Mexican flair.

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