14 Healthy 5-Ingredient Dinner Recipes That Save Time and Calories

bacon potato and kale frittata
Photo: Blaine Moats

Create mouthwatering meals with just a few fixings using these healthy 5-ingredient dinner recipes. Make a delicious meal quickly and slash supermarket time thanks to a shorter grocery list. All recipes have 5 ingredients or fewer (not counting salt, black pepper, nonstick cooking spray, and oil because we assume you have those) for minimal prep.

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Bacon, Potato, and Kale Frittata

bacon potato and kale frittata
Blaine Moats

Number of Ingredients: 5

Indulge in a quick and clever breakfast for dinner with our hearty frittata recipe. It's packed with homey potatoes, salty bacon, and fresh kale. It's held together by an egg mixture that adds protein and gives the healthy 5-ingredient recipe a comfort food quality.

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Turkey Taco Panini

turkey taco panini
Blaine Moats

Number of Ingredients: 5

A taco-stuffed panini is the perfect infusion of flavor to complement your weeknight dinners. OK, the panini is not actually stuffed with a taco, but all the flavors are there! Customize the Mexican-style sandwiches with your favorite purchased chunky salsa.

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Pan-Roasted Chicken with Brussels Sprouts and Apples

pan-roasted chicken with brussels sprouts and apples
Blaine Moats

Number of Ingredients: 5

Yes, it is possible to create an indulgent chicken dinner with just a handful of ingredients. Baked with apples and finished with a sweet drizzle of maple syrup, this comforting dinner recipe is perfect for a weeknight meal or for guests.

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Mediterranean Couscous and Beef

mediterranean couscous and beef
Blaine Moats

Number of Ingredients: 5

Make a Mediterranean-inspired dinner with just a few ingredients. The feta cheese, couscous, and tomatoes mimic the coastline flavors; the lemon-pepper marinade adds zest and spice to the flank steak.

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Pancetta-Wrapped Chicken with Glazed Date Sauce

pancetta-wrapped chicken with glazed date sauce
Andy Lyons

Number of Ingredients:5

Your guests will never believe such a fancy-looking meal came from so few ingredients. This spiced-up chicken recipe adds savory herbed cheese before wrapping with pancetta for a unique take on pan-fried chicken. The homemade date glaze adds a unique burst of sweetness to this quick recipe.

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Barbecued Salmon with Corn Relish

barbecued salmon with corn relish
Andy Lyons

Number of Ingredients: 5

Putting some salmon on the grill will give it a delicious, smoky char on the outside and make it flaky and tender on the inside. The homemade relish made from fresh cut corn and jalapeños gives it a spicy kick and bright freshness to balance the salmon's smokiness.

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Steaks with Roasted Garlic

steaks roasted garlic
Blaine Moats

Number of Ingredients: 4

Try our sizzling grilled steaks for your next weeknight dinner. Yes, steaks for a weeknight dinner! A simple salt-and-pepper rub keeps the ingredient list minimal, while a roasted garlic-and-basil mix turns this simple recipe into an enticing main course.

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Mexican Meatball Stew

mexican meatball stew
Jason Donnelly

Number of Ingredients: 5

After 10 minutes of prepping, this homemade soup is ready to go in the slow cooker. The result is a mouthwatering meatball stew that's bubbling with spicy Mexican flavor. Tomatoes, corn, and turkey load this easy soup with healthy nutrients.

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Chicken with Summer Squash

chicken with summer squash
Andy Lyons

Number of Ingredients: 5

No one would ever guess you used a store-bought roasted chicken with this quick dinner recipe. After browning chicken in the skillet, add bright summer squash and cherry tomatoes for a burst of healthy color. Delicious and simple.

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Summer Stew

summer stew
Andy Lyons

Number of Ingredients: 5

All you need for this savory, summer-inspired stew is beef, carrots, and garlic-laced potatoes. Make the easy meal even simpler with precooked beef and ready-to-use vegetables.

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Shrimp and Watercress Salad

shrimp and watercress salad
Andy Lyons

Number of Ingredients: 5

Crisp-tender asparagus spears, watercress, tomatoes, and shrimp are all it takes to pull together a sophisticated salad in a flash—the entire meal is finished in just 15 minutes!

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Sunday Dinner Stew

sunday dinner stew
Andy Lyons

Number of Ingredients: 5

Hot and delicious, this shortcut Sunday (or any day) stew will be ready to eat in a flash. Trade out the white potatoes for sweet potatoes for fewer carbs and some extra vitamins B and C.

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Denver Potato Casserole

denver potato casserole
Kritsada Panichgul

Number of Ingredients: 5

Potatoes and ham combine to make a comforting casserole for dinner. This easy-to-make baked dish is layered with onion, sweet green peppers, and cheese. Pop it in the oven to let the veggies get tender and melt the cheese, and you'll have a filling all-in-one dinner ready to serve the family.

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Maple-Mustard Turkey Thighs

maple-mustard-sauced turkey thighs
Jacob Fox

Number of Ingredients: 5

Sweet and tangy, the mustard sauce on these juicy turkey thighs will make your house smell delightful after a day in your slow cooker. The secret to the thick and velvety sauce is the instant tapioca, so make sure to add that to the grocery list.

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