Healthy Pizza Recipes

Enjoy fresh pizza sauces, flavorful veggie toppers, homemade pizza dough, and lots of requests for second slices when you make these easy and healthy pizza recipes. Each pizza recipe here was chosen with an eye on calories and fat so it will fit your healthy diet.

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    Thin Crust Pepperoni and Vegetable Pizza

    For 250 calories, you can enjoy a cheesy slice of this veggie-brimmed pizza complete with crunchy sweet peppers and fresh mushrooms on a golden, whole grain tortilla. Use turkey pepperoni instead of pork or beef to help cut down on fat.

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    I Made It Myself Pizza

    With fresh, vitamin-rich toppers and two DIY sauces, this healthy pizza recipe can't get any more delicious. For family fun, divide the pizza dough into individual-size pizzas and let the kids top their own.

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    Mini Margherita Pizzas

    Our mini margherita pizzas feature fresh mozzarellla, juicy roma tomatoes, and basil. Their itty-bitty size makes them party-perfect. Use a storebought, Italian bread shell for an easy crust.

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    Broccoli Rabe, Garlic, and Mushroom Pizza with Golden Raisins

    Golden raisins give this garlic-infused pizza a sweet surprise. The unique pizza recipe is built on a homemade, whole wheat pizza dough and features fiber-filled broccoli rabe and fresh mushrooms. Drape them in melty ricotta cheese for a savory finish.

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    5 Flatbread Pizza Toppers

    Piled on  a flatbread crust, these fresh pizza toppers will satisfy any cravings. Go savory with pesto, roasted squash, and prosciutto, or try something a little sweeter with caramelized pears and Gorgonzola cheese. 

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    Pesto-Tomato-Bacon Pizza with Arugula Topper

    What's better than a bacon pizza? One that's healthy! This ultra-savory twist on the BLT is made with whole wheat dough and topped with baby arugula for a fresh topper full of nutrition.

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    Pizza Slab Pie

    Store-bought pizza dough makes prepping this partyworthy pizza extra easy. Simply lay the crust in a baking pan and load it full of spinach, artichokes, spinach, and cheese for a crowd-pleasing party recipe that won't blow your calorie budget.



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    Tutto (Everything) Pizza

    We pile this timeless Italian pizza recipe with hearty sausage and pepperoni, then toss on colorful banana peppers and artichoke hearts for a healthy punch.

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    Grilled Vegetable Pizza

    Whole wheat pizza dough gives this homemade veggie pizza an extra boost of protein, while fresh produce such as summer squash and crisp asparagus provides delicious doses of healthful antioxidants.

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    Quattro Stagioni

    Please all pizza preferences with our four-in-one recipe. From portobello mushrooms and salty prosciutto to vitamin-rich peppers and artichoke hearts, this cheesy, healthy pizza has it all.

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    Fontina Cheese, Artichoke, and Alfredo Pizza

    A medley of tender artichoke hearts, salty Kalamata olives, and garlicky veggies provide this vegetarian pizza with lots of colorful nutrients. Using Alfredo as a dip rather than a sauce lets you control how much you eat.

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    Cheesy Red Pepper Pizza

    In just 25 minutes, you can be indulging in a classic pizza recipe for just 182 calories. Refrigerated pizza dough and a simple sauce of light olive oil make the recipe a cinch.

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    Mediterranean Pizza

    Piled high with Mediterranean staples such as zucchini, tomatoes, olives, and melty feta cheese, this pizza recipe brings a taste of the Mediterranean to your dinner table. Ample veggies and a schmear of mashed beans load each pizza slice with 4 g fiber and 12 g protein!

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    Pizza Primavera

    This appetizer-perfect pizza features a kaleidoscope of veggies on crisp flatbread including tender asparagus and fresh bell peppers, both rich in antioxidants. Best of all? This healthy pizza can be ready in 35 minutes.

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    Thai Chicken Pizza

    This 303-calorie pizza will excite your taste buds with its Thai flavor and creamy, peanutty sauce. A sprinkling of mozzarella provides delicious cheesy goodness, and a final topping of fresh cilantro brings a big punch of flavor without adding fat.

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    Make Homemade Pizza Dough

    Nothing's better than a perfectly golden pizza dough hot out of the oven. Follow our steps to success and create your very own delicious, homemade crust.

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    Mediterranean Pepper and Artichoke Pizza

    This no-sacrifice vegetarian pizza recipe features all the flavor and zip of its pepperoni-topped partners, but with less fat and cholesterol.Time-saving bonus: The crust is a simple purchased mix.

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    Breakfast Pizza

    A purchased pizza shell provides the base for a sunny morning blend of eggs, hash browns, and cheese. At less than 250 calories per slice, that's something to get up for!

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    Classic American Pizza

    A healthy pizza recipe topped with savory Canadian bacon, fresh mushrooms, and gooey mozzarella? You bet! Enjoy for just 270 calories a slice.

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    Greek Pita Pizzas

    Two cheeses, spinach, olives, and tomato will remind you of a classic Greek dinner. Enjoy this pizza recipe on a whole wheat pita bread round for less than 250 calories.

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    Chicken Pizza with a Kick

    Spicy onions and picante sauce pair with vitamin-packed red peppers for a tangy take on chicken pizza. No crust to make here: This pizza recipe calls for refrigerated dough.

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    Mexican-Style Shrimp Pizza

    A thin flour tortilla crust ensures that the shrimp and peppers on this pizza take center stage. And don't worry about counting slices -- you get the whole pizza for 269 calories.

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    Caramelized Onion Pizza

    Fire up the grill for a low-cleanup vegetarian dinner. Our pizza recipe features garlicky onions, vitamin-C-packed tomatoes, and melty cheese on a whole wheat pita round.

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    Taco Pizza

    This lightened version of classic taco pizza offers antioxidant benefits from juicy tomatoes. You'll love the spice of salsa as the sauce and the ease of using frozen whole wheat bread dough as the crust.

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