18 Healthy Seafood Recipes That Are as Tasty as Restaurant Fare

Spicy Oven-Baked Fish and Sweet Potato Fries
Photo: Blaine Moats

Think you can score stellar seafood only at a restaurant? These delicious and healthy fish recipes will convince you that you can definitely DIY. These healthy fish dinner ideas will become weeknight menu mainstays. To keep your timeline as on track as your calorie count, all of these catch-of-the-day features come together in less than an hour and have fewer than 550 calories per serving.

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Turnip Noodle Bowls with Salmon and Curry Sauce

Turnip Noodle Bowls with Salmon and Curry Sauce
Blaine Moats

Take a break from zoodles and try "toodles" (turnip noodles) as the base of this healthy fish recipe. The sturdy root vegetable holds up wonderfully and is coated in a creamy coconut milk-based carrot-ginger-curry sauce. Add frizzled leeks, sautéed asparagus, and the star of the show, seared salmon, and you have one five-star, 40-minute meal.

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Seared Salmon with Pistachio Gremolata

Seared Salmon Pistachio Gremolata
Jacob Fox

A hot cast-iron skillet is clutch for getting an unbeatable, crunchy sear and perfect doneness in just six(!) minutes. While the salmon cooks, stir together the fresh and crunchy pistachio gremolata to spoon on top later, just before serving. For a fancy bistro-quality entrée, complete the healthy fish dinner with roasted potatoes or whole wheat pasta.

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Spicy Oven-Baked Fish and Sweet Potato Fries

Spicy Oven-Baked Fish and Sweet Potato Fries
Blaine Moats

Kids will be wild about this fast food copycat recipe. Use any firm-textured white fish fillet like snapper, cod, halibut, bass, or tilapia for this healthy fish and chips, then coat it in a smoky and spicy bread crumb blend. Bake on the same sheet pan as the seasoned sweet potato fries for a 420-calorie meal.

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Parchment-Baked Halibut with Thyme and Olives

Parchment-Baked Halibut with Thyme and Olives on a plate with fork
Blaine Moats

How can you coax loads of flavor from just five ingredients? Select ingredients that complement each other and pack a punch. (Baking in a parchment packet to seal in the flavor helps too.) This healthy baked fish recipe features tangy lemon, salty olives, and earthy thyme to scent the potatoes and white fish with Mediterranean appeal.

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Ginger Shrimp and Veggies

Ginger Shrimp and Vegetables
Carson Downing

We've taken the flavors you know and love from orange chicken takeout and infused them into this one-pan, low-calorie fish recipe. If that hasn't sold you on making this shrimp recipe for dinner this week, we bet this will: It makes enough fruit, veggies, and seafood to feed four in just 25 minutes. It's also packed with 27 grams of protein, so this is one light dinner that will keep you full for hours.

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Brazilian Fish Stew

Brazilian Fish Stew
Adam Albright

If you have a stocked spice cabinet and pantry, you're pretty much all set to create this stew. Canned tomatoes, unsweetened coconut milk, garlic, and olive oil set the tone for this simple South American seafood stew. The only fresh ingredients required for this heart-healthy fish dinner recipe: red bell peppers and a pound of your favorite firm white fish.

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Air-Fryer Scallops with Lemon-Herb Sauce

Air Fryer Scallops with Lemon-Herb Sauce
Jennifer Causey

Looking for a healthy fish dinner idea for two? Keep this easy, yet fancy-looking dish in mind. Scallops get nice and crisp on the outside and tender on the inside after a quick run in the air fryer.

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Roasted Salmon with Broccoli and Tomatoes

Lemon-Herb Roasted Salmon with Broccoli and Tomatoes
Blaine Moats

Sheet pan meals are true supper saviors on hectic weeknights. With this colorful and healthy fish recipe, supper and a fresh and nutritious side come together on just one pan. Each low-carb portion is only 276 calories, so feel free to serve this with a side of brown rice or quinoa to round out the meal.

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Weeknight Paella

Weeknight Paella
Andy Lyons

The secret to packing this easy 25-minute meal with 38 grams of protein per serving? A half-pound each of scallops, shrimp, and chorizo. Turmeric and saffron lend the lovely golden hue and plenty of warm spice to the healthy fish dinner recipe inspired by a classic Spanish dish.

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Southern-Style "Fried" Catfish and Green Beans

Southern Style "Fried" Catfish and Green Beans
Greg DuPree

Think healthy fish sticks don't exist? Slice this air-fried catfish recipe into strips before coating in the panko mix, and you'll have exactly that ready to share with your family. Round out the meal with a side of sweet and spicy air-fried green beans.

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Cilantro-Shrimp Tacos

Cilantro Shrimp Tacos
Blaine Moats

Chips and guac join forces with grilled shrimp tacos in this rainbow-colored healthy fish taco recipe. Save a portion of the shrimp marinade to play double duty as the dressing for the crispy cabbage and carrot slaw. All of this tastiness can be yours after just seven minutes of cooking time and for under 300 calories.

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Mediterranean Tuna Salad

Mediterranean Tuna Salad
Blaine Moats

Not all tuna salads are loaded with mayo. This fresh twist on a niçoise salad has just 10 grams of carbs per serving because we ditched the potatoes (although you're welcome to add some boiled spuds to the party!). As is, this low-calorie fish recipe is one of our favorite uses for canned tuna, but you could definitely use the same salad base for canned salmon.

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Cinnamon-Blackened Salmon with Lentils

Cinnamon-Blackened Salmon with Lentils
Rachel Marek and Emily Hemmingsen

We've amped up an already heart-healthy fish with anti-inflammatory ingredients such as cinnamon, walnuts, and broccoli. Hearty lentils round out this one-dish dinner.

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Broiled Swordfish with Oven-Roasted Tomato Sauce

Broiled Swordfish with Oven-Roasted Tomato Sauce
Andy Lyons

Instead of grabbing a jar of marina at the grocery store, roast a pan full of tomatoes, onion, and garlic and blend your own for a fresh swordfish sauce. Just a couple tablespoons of heavy cream bestow a luscious, spreadable texture. Spoon it atop the rich and meaty low-calorie fish recipe, then use leftovers to spread on crostini or as a pasta sauce.

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Seared Scallops and Baby Spinach with Spiced Pomegranate Glaze

Seared Scallops Baby Spinach Spiced Pomegranate Glaze
Scott Little

Showy enough for entertaining but easy enough for a weeknight, this healthy fish meal takes just 30 minutes. (It's true!) Drizzle a cinnamon-spiced pomegranate glaze over wilted spinach and tender, juicy scallops. Then sprinkle with pomegranate rails (aka the seeds) to give the 214-calorie entrée a bit of crunch and a burst of freshness with every bite.

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Salmon in Parchment

Salmon Parchment
Andy Lyons

Heavy on flavor and light on added fat, baking protein in parchment is one of the healthiest cooking strategies possible. The packet keeps all the aromatic citrus, herb, and garlic goodness close by the salmon until you're ready to dig in. Bonus: It's a breeze to clean up after cooking this healthy baked fish recipe.

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Golden Turmeric Fish

Plate of Golden Turmeric Fish
Blaine Moats

An island-inspired rub infuses each flaky bite of this low-calorie entree with fresh tropical flavors. Can't find snapper? The healthy fish dinner idea is versatile, so feel free to trade in sea bass, halibut, tilapia, or another variety of white fish fillets.

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Striped Bass en Brodo

Striped Bass en Brodo
Andy Lyons

Fish are naturally rich in healthy fats, and this method adds even more heart-health superpowers to the meaty white fish pieces. The low-calorie fish recipe includes an herb- and tomato-laced white wine-olive oil poaching broth that offers a delicious dose of Mediterranean diet benefits. (Oh yes, and lots of fresh summer flavor.)

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