Healthy Summer Recipes

Chicken, Tomato, and Cucumber Salad
Celebrate the season with our best summer recipes, including easy salads and quick grilling ideas like citrusy salmon and blue cheese turkey burgers. The best part? These summer recipes are all less than 400 calories, making it easy to stick to your beach-season diet.

Indian Cauliflower Fried Rice

Subbing cauliflower for rice boosts nutrition in this easy dinner recipe loaded with veggies and irresistible flavors of Indian spices. For under 300 calories you'll be fueled with 5 g fiber and 26 g pro.

Lemon Shrimp with Spinach Quinoa

Who can resist making the first summer splash? Especially when it's in a silky lemon-wine sauce! Drizzle the creamy concoction over large shrimp, then side with garlicky spinach quinoa. Coastal perfection.

Burrito Bowls

Because sometimes you just want to stuff your face in a big burrito bowl. Here's one you can actually feel good about -- even with the extra guac. 

Lamb and Bulgur Burgers with Dill-Yogurt Sauce

Go on a Greek getaway for dinner tonight. These juicy lamb patties are packed with fiber-filled bulgar and dripping in a creamy dill-yogurt sauce. Take that, ketchup and mustard.

Turkey Meat Loaf Pockets with Peach-Barbecue Glaze

This isn't your mom's meat loaf. Filled with cheesy mixed veggies and slathered in a peachy keen BBQ sauce, these turkey pockets are everything you want in a comforting summer dinner.

Tarragon Blue Cheese Turkey Patties

What makes a better burger? Stuffing the toppers right into the patty! Look to blue cheese, bittersweet tarragon, and hot sauce to amp it up. And at less than 400 calories, there's even room for a cold one.

Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps

Ahh, yes. Asian lettuce wraps are our summer jam, and thanks to lean beef and reduced-sodium soy sauce, these Korean versions let us have more for less.

Orange Salmon & Green Onions

Navel oranges are the secret to this sweet catch. Chockful of protein, good fats, and energy-boosting vitamin B, there's no way this healthy dinner isn't hitting our summer list.

Make-It-Mine Sheet Pan Dinner

Personalize your favorite restaurant dish right at home. Meat and rub, veggies and toppers -- do it all one pan!

Bison-Zucchini Burgers

Bison is leaner than beef, not to mention an unexpected way to get your protein. Top with zucchini ribbons and a secret mustard sauce for the best burger you never saw coming. 

Fish and Veggie Packets

You don't need to escape to the Cape for a good seafood dinner. Look to a flaky white fish such as cod or halibut, then pair with crunchy veggies in an easy parchment paper packet.

Orange Salmon with Edamame Orzo

Salmon does it again in this sweet, citrus dinner. Marinade it in lemon and orange juice then top on a bed of orzo and iron-rich edamame.

Asian Potato Salad with Shrimp

Shrimp and potato salad -- two summer staples that are better together. Ditch the mayo-base dressing and drape the chilled duo in a chili-garlic sauce that's both healthy and delicious. 

Cantaloupe, Prosciutto, and Arugula Club

Proscuitto and cantaloupe are the PB&J of summer. The salty-sweet combo is perfect paired with peppery arugula and harissa sauce. Healthy and low-maintenance!

Asparagus Noodle Bowl

It's true: you can have your bacon and a healthy pasta dinner, too! The key is in the sauce. Ditch the premade stuff and simmer yours in garlic and white wine. Asparagus and chicken provide protein and potassium.

Red-on-Red Chicken Salad with Feta-and-Honey Balsamic Drizzle

Skip fatty, bottled dressing for a refreshing summer dressing of reduced balsamic vinegar and honey. Natural sugars from summer fruit sweeten the chicken salad, adding lots of vitamins and few calories. Make it a party by serving in cute watermelon bowls or over fresh spinach.

You can bake salmon or other proteins and vegetables in a parchment paper packet (also called “en papillote”) for a flavorful, low-mess meal. Watch as we fold the packet and share our secrets for seasoning the salmon to make a delicious dinner.

Salmon in a Packet

Say hello to your new bff: parchment paper. We’ll show you how wrap, fold, and cook your filet to perfection.

Shrimp, Mango, and Couscous Skillet

Everything's better with mango! This shrimp-couscous dinner tastes like paradise in every chipotle-coated bite. Queso fresco gives it a cool, creamy finish. 


Grilled Chicken Salad

Full of grapes, goat cheese, chicken, and fresh greens, this healthy salad recipe fulfills four of your necessary food groups. Need a last-minute meal idea? Use last night's leftover grilled chicken to pull this dinner together in minutes.

Grilled Shrimp Panzanella

Panzanella, a traditional Italian salad featuring stale bread and tomatoes, gets an update when made with fresh, seasonal produce, such as sweet peppers and zucchini. This healthy dinner recipe serves as many as 10 people, making it the perfect choice for any summer potluck.

Fish Tacos with Cabbage and Chile Pepper Slaw

These light yet satisfying fish tacos get a flavor boost from bright citrus flavors and a fiery chile-pepper slaw. Not only is this summer dinner recipe low-cal, it also makes a delicious high-fiber option for any meal.

Creamy Farro-Smothered Portobellos

Farro -- an ancient grain with a chewy, nutty texture -- stars along with Swiss chard, dried tomatoes, and goat cheese in our simple stuffed portobellos. At under 250 calories per serving, this dinner recipe makes it delicious to eat healthy.

Skewered Shrimp Scampi

Fast-cooking vermicelli pasta makes the perfect bed for these garlicky shrimp skewers that go from prep to plate in under 30 minutes. Squeeze fresh lemon wedges over shrimp for added citrus flavor.

Learning how to cook shrimp is easier than you think. Watch as we show you how to peel and devein shrimp so you can use it in delicious everyday recipes.

How to Cook Shrimp

Learning to peel and devein shrimp may be easier than you think. Watch to learn the proper way to quickly cook high-protein shrimp for any meal.

Eggplant Caprese Salad

Add extra Italian flavor to this classic summer salad with grilled eggplant slices and a dried tomato-basil dressing. Less than 400 calories, it's a tasty and healthy option for any meal.

Sloppy Turkey and Veggie Sandwiches

Looking for a leaner take on your usual summer barbecue fare? Try our turkey and veggie twist on sloppy joes, and don’t forget the creamy yogurt and goat cheese sauce.

Grilled Honey-Orange Chicken Salad

Prepare the marinade for this sweet citrus salad in the morning, and let the chicken soak all day long. Not only will this cut your evening prep time, but it will give the chicken time to absorb the flavors for irresistible taste in every bite.

Planked Sesame-Ginger Tuna Steaks

Grill tuna steaks between two cedar planks for irresistible smoky flavor. A simple Asian-inspired sauce adds a bit of spice to our tuna steaks, which pair perfectly with sweet grilled pineapple in this healthy summer dinner.

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Spaghetti Squash 101

Microwave or bake it -- we've got the tips and secrets for both!

Chicken, Tomato, and Cucumber Salad

Summer-fresh tomatoes and cucumbers add bright, in-season flavor to this lettuce-free salad recipe, while olives and chicken add heartiness to make it a full meal.


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