Healthy Skillet Recipes

Introducing your new healthy eating BFF: the skillet. The low-maintenance pan lets you cook healthy dinners all in one place while we keep your healthy meal plan on track. From pineapple pork fried rice to easy burgers and stews, these healthy skillet dinners under 400 calories help you hit the spot -- not the waistline.

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    Rotini with Beef and Beans

    A can of reduced-sodium beef broth lets you cook these multigrain rotini noodles right in the skillet, while no-salt-added tomatoes keep the skillet dinner healthful. Who knew steak pasta could be so good?

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    Korean-Style Chili-Garlic Chicken Stir-Fry

    Bust out the wok for one favorite Asian creation: chicken stir-fry. The low-cal skillet dinner covers your veggie cravings in two ways. First, with kimchi-like pickles, and second, gingery green beans.

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    Steak Remoulade Sandwiches

    The grill isn't the only thing that can make a mean steak. Sizzle your steak skillet-style, then layer the meat slices atop vitamin-rich sweet peppers. The final smear of homemade remoulade might just make this the best healthy sandwich we've ever had.

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    Chili-Pasta Skillet

    See ya, slow cooker! This healthy chili is 100 percent skillet-made -- noodles included. Red kidney beans give it that extra boost of protein. Ahh, comfort food.

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    Mediterranean Pizza Skillet

    Play up crusty crostini with this healthy pizza skillet recipe starring chicken, Roma tomatoes, and feta. Ditch the go-to pizza sauce for a splash of olive oil to keep things light and fresh.  

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    Pineapple Pork Fried Rice

    Most restaurant fried rice comes with barely any meat, but ours is chock-full of tender skillet-seared pork. Plus: pineapple! Come on, who wouldn't love this healthy, Hawaiian staple?

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    Win at Fried Rice

    Cook fried rice like a pro with these test kitchen tips that will have you tossing out the takeout menu.

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    Hungarian-Style Pork Paprikash

    Pap-ree-kash. If Harry and Sally can say it, you can too! Take those leftover noodles from pasta night and turn them into a peppery pork paprikash. This healthy version ditches the sour cream and uses plain Greek yogurt instead.

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    Sauteed Pork Chops with Apples

    Wine, apples, thyme ... you can see where this is going: deliciousness. This pork chop dish is filled with tons of protein and has just the right amount of sugar and spice. Yes, please!

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    Spicy Mushroom Sloppy Joes

    These aren't your typical sloppies. They're made with fresh cremini mushrooms, chipotle peppers, and sticky molasses. Use sodium-reduced broth and multigrain buns to keep it healthy. Serve 'em up with a side of veggies or side salad.

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    Veggie Frittata in a Flash

    Whip up a skillet dinner even non-veggie lovers can get on board with. The secret? Watch and learn.

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    Mediterranean Lamb Skillet

    Do as the Greeks do and cook a fancy lamb dinner -- but without all the prep time. Whip this one up in just 25 minutes and enjoy classic Mediterranean flavors like balsamic vinegar and Kalamata olives. A bed of orzo rounds it all out.

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    Basil-Tomato Chicken Skillet

    It doesn't get any fresher than this. Enjoy garlic-bubbled chicken, tender greens, and bursting cherry tomatoes. The more natural the colors, the healthier the meal.

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    Pork Rhubarb Skillet

    Rhubarb isn't just for sweet springtime treats. We sizzle it right into this pork skillet dinner starring fresh sage, crisp apples, and couscous. 

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