Fast and Fresh Steak Recipes

Steak night is here! You don't have to wait for a special occasion or go to a steakhouse and have a feast for dinner. All of these recipes use fresh fruit and veggies to make them healthier than restaurant fare, and take 50 minutes or less to prepare so you can spend less time in the kitchen (or hovering over the grill) and more time savoring a nutritious steak dinner. Grab your steak knives and dig in!

Mediterranean Flat-Iron Steaks

Mediterranean flavors are taking over your steak night! Season your steak with rosemary and serve with fresh kale, grape tomatoes, and green olives to really bring home a taste of Southern Europe. Best of all, preparing this meal will take a lot less time than booking a trip—you only need 30 minutes.

Steak and Herb Tacos

Street tacos have nothing on these steak and veggie homemade tacos. Feed a crowd on taco night this week by grilling Mexican spice-rubbed sirloin steak, then slicing it into strips to nestle in your tortilla with fresh tomato, onion, and radishes. You'll have to be a little patient while the beef marinates, but that just gives you extra time to work up an appetite worthy of this Mexican feast.

Ribeye Steaks & Peaches

As if we needed any more reason to include fresh peaches with dinner tonight! A quick turn on the grill makes them extra juicy and delicious, not to mention that tasty sweet and smoky flavor. Serve with spice-rubbed ribeye steaks, and watch as this grilled steak recipe disappears.

Thai Rice Noodle & Grilled Steak Salad

Noodles and veggies and steak, oh my! This grilled steak salad really has it all, from fresh basil and mint leaves to zesty marinated flank steak. If you want to get ahead of the curve (and allow the flavors more time to develop), you can marinate the steak overnight. But if you're craving a bowl full of carrots, cucumbers, noodles, and steak tonight, this entire recipe can be finished in less than an hour.

Steak and Tomatoes on Toast

Ok, this is as close as we can get to serving steak for breakfast—steak on toast! Skillet-cook flank steak and tomatoes, and toast ciabatta bread in your oven, then stack them all together for an open-faced sandwich (or an extra special breakfast). If you want to make this meal for lunch or dinner, serve with a side salad to add an extra dose of veggies.

Blistered Beans and Beef Stir-Fry

Instead of firing up your grill, heat up your wok to make this steak and veggie stir-fry. Between pickled radishes, green beans, shiitake mushrooms, and red onion, there's no shortage of nutritious fresh vegetables in this dish. If you're a sweet pepper lover, you can also try subbing them in for green beans to mix this meal up.

Seared Steak and Peppers with Cilantro Chimichurri

We can pretend that flank steak is the star of this show, but it's really all about the peppers. Two full pounds of fresh poblano peppers, plus yellow sweet peppers and a fresh jalapeno give your dinner plenty of heat. Make a cilantro chimichurri sauce to spoon over your steak and peppers while the meat is simmering so each bite has a little extra pop.

Steak Remoulade Sandwiches

Remoulade sauce, here we come (don't panic, remoulade is just mayo with capers and other tangy, flavorful add-ins)! Make your own to spread across these steak sandwiches so you can get the balance of mayo and cornichons just the way you like. Then stack your sandwich high with top loin steak, fresh grilled peppers, and arugula.

Flank Steak and Plum Salad with Creamy Chimichurri Dressing

Want a dinner that positively screams freshness? Start by grilling sweet onions and cumin-spiced flank steak, and finish by piling your plate high with baby greens and ripe plums. Top with a homemade chimichurri dressing, and no one at your table will be able to resist the allure of this fresh grilled salad.

Skewered Steak & Veggies

No need to cook your veggies separately—by cubing your steak, you can grill it right alongside fresh zucchini slices and tangy red onion. By serving with a creamy tarragon sauce, these steak and vegetable kebabs will quickly become the breakout stars of your barbecue. Add extra flavor by grilling a lemon wedge on each skewer, then squeeze over your kebabs before digging in.

Chile Flank Steak with Grilled-Corn Pico de Gallo

Thanks to brown sugar, honey, and chili powder, each bite of this grilled flank steak is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. While it's roasting on the grill, make homemade pico de gallo with fresh grape tomatoes, cucumber slices, sweet corn, and avocado. You can add as much heat as you want to pico by stirring in hot pepper sauce.

Spicy Beef and Noodle Salad

This noodle salad is hot, hot, hot! Use Asian chili sauce to make your bowl of flank steak, fresh cucumbers, and rice noodles sing. Top with julienned carrots and a few sprigs of cilantro to make your bowl even more inviting.

Grilled Sirloin and Pepper Pasta Salad

Everything we love about summer cookouts comes together in one bowl, from pasta salad to juicy sirloin steak to grilled peppers. Make the pasta salad with fresh asparagus while your grill preheats, then whisk together a quick dressing while your steak and peppers are roasting on the grill. If you want to make this steak dinner even more flavorful, grill the asparagus and add it to the pasta instead of boiling it.

Steak with Fig Tapenade

Leave the compound butter for another night; this steak recipe will have you permanently adding figs to your list of cookout essentials. Each steak gets coated in a zippy marinade made with soy sauce and malt vinegar, then meets its match after grilling in the form of a fig, shallot, and olive topping.

Grilled Steak Bruschetta Salad

Our favorite appetizer and our favorite entrée are teaming up to make one delicious dinner. Instead of toasting, add your baguette slices to the grill for just a minute or two so they have a hint of smoky flavor. Serve with a quick arugula and roasted red pepper salad so your plate has a burst of freshness.

Chipotle Steak and Tomatoes

Instead of serving a juicy topping over your steak, serve each cut of meat over a fresh blend of avocado slices and tomatoes. Make DIY dressing with chopped peppers, olive oil, and vinegar to brush over your steak and veggies. Give your meal some sharpness right from the start by serving with raw red onion slices.

Greek Flat Iron Steaks

It's not just the feta cheese on top that makes us dream of Greece when we cut into these flat iron steaks, though it certainly helps. No, it's the combination of rosemary, lemon peel, fresh grape tomatoes, and green olives that's used to season and garnish this steak that has us ready to pack our bags for the Mediterranean. Luckily for us, the trip from pantry to Grecian dinner menu only takes 25 minutes.

Balsamic-Glazed Flank Steak with Fall Fruit Salsa

You won't find any tomatoes or cilantro in this salsa topping; just juicy fall fruits like fresh-picked apples, pears, and dried cranberries. With a flavorful topping like this on hand, all your steak needs is a few brushes of balsamic vinegar after it comes out of the broiler. This ideal-for-autumn dish was also made with busy weeknights in mind, and can go from your fridge to your table in just 20 minutes.

Steak with Nectarines

By now you know how well sweet, juicy fruits go paired with grilled and seared steaks. But what if we added a few strips of crispy bacon on top, too? Not only does each plate in this 35-minute meal get topped with grilled nectarine wedges, but each one also gets a double-dose of meat thanks to grilled ribeye steaks and a slice of extra-crunchy bacon.

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