Healthy Dinner Recipes

Whether you're trying to eat more vegetables or lower your sodium intake, there are plenty of ways to boost the nutrition of your dinners without sacrificing flavor. Try our easy family-friendly meals and good-for-you side dishes in our guide to healthy dinners. Satisfy your restaurant cravings with our healthier versions of popular global fare.

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Chicken and Cauliflower Pasta
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If you can't find crispy chickpeas (in the snack aisle or health food section), use toasted pine nuts or roasted almonds.
Air-Fried Meatballs and Bell Peppers
This air-fryer dinner recipe comes together in just 15 minutes. Serve with rice to complete your meal.
Healthy Instant Pot Chicken Recipes Bursting with Flavor
Quick AND healthy, two of our favorite dinner descriptors.
Pressure Cooker Wild Rice and Barley Pilaf
We call for the quick-cooking pearl barley in this pressure cooker side dish to ensure proper and even doneness.
Slow Cooker Pumpkin Farrotto
Farro is an ancient grain with a toothsome texture and nutty flavor. Similar to Arborio rice used in traditional risotto, farro absorbs cooking liquids and swells up without breaking or becoming mushy.

More Healthy Dinner Recipes

Seared Pork Chops with Apples and Onion
Rating: Unrated 1
For the best browning on your chops, pat them dry with a paper towel before searing in the hot skillet.
Roasted Red Pepper Pesto
Spoon this delicious low-sugar sauce over shrimp and fish, drizzle over tacos or quesadillas, or toss with rice and pasta.
Salmon with Lemon and Herbs

This quick-roasted salmon is perfect for busy weeknight dinners. Enjoy with a salad or your favorite side.