14 Baked Donut Recipes That Are as Delicious as Bakery Versions

Chocolate Cake Doughnuts
Photo: Adam Albright

Seeking a healthier donut? Each of these baked donut recipes eliminates the excessive oils of traditional donuts, so you can enjoy a sweet indulgence that fits your meal plan. Feel extra proud of your baked goods choice, because many of these homemade baked donuts include nutrient-rich ingredients, such as flaxseed, oats, and whole wheat flour. With ideas such as baked apple cider donuts and baked cake donut recipes, these baked donuts are sweetly simple and oh-so satisfying.

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Chocolate Cake Donuts

Chocolate Cake Doughnuts
Adam Albright

How could a treat with sprinkles not make you happy?! Sprinkled on top of a homemade icing, sprinkles add a festive addition to these baked cake donuts made in a mini donut pan. Bonus: This baked chocolate donut recipe uses white whole wheat flour and low-fat yogurt for added nutrition.

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Cocktail-Inspired Old Fashioned Donuts

Cocktail Donut
Hannah Bigot

This pretty pink recipe makes some of the best baked donuts and will have you reaching for a cocktail with your dessert. Inspired by a classic Old Fashioned, this donut recipe is spiked with bourbon before it hits the oven. And that's not the only way cocktail flavors come into play. Each one also has maraschino cherries baked inside, plus a bourbon-infused glaze with a sprinkle of orange zest. Who needs a cocktail glass when you have these donuts around?

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Baked Apple-Spice Donuts

Baked Apple-Spice Donuts
Andy Lyons

Looking for baked donuts that taste like fried donuts? Look no further. Apples, cinnamon, and apple pie spice add autumn flair, making this a fabulous fall-flavor donut.

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Make-It-Mine Baked Donuts

donut pan with Make-It-Mine Baked Donuts
Jason Donnelly

Customize your donuts for a crowd with an easy baked donuts recipe. Play with the toppings or add some fun stir-ins directly to the batter to transform plain donuts into blueberry pie donuts with shredded coconut. This fun and simple recipe is ideal for a DIY brunch or birthday party for kids.

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Rosemary and Lemon Cornmeal Donuts

Rosemary and Lemon Cornmeal Doughnuts
Adam Albright

The flavors may seem unconventional, but one bite of these citrus-and-herb baked donuts, and there's no going back. Low-fat yogurt and whole wheat flour help put a better-for-you spin on these oven-baked donuts. For an extra hint of sweetness—and a pretty sheen—dip each donut in a homemade powdered sugar icing.

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Pink Peppercorn and Rose Tea Cakes

pink peppercorn rose tea cakes
Victoria Pearson

You can search all you like, but you'll be hard-pressed to find prettier donut decorations than these. Rosewater and pink peppercorns make every bite of this easy baked donut recipe deliciously fragrant, while the cream cheese glaze on top makes them decadent enough for dessert. But to really make these donuts Instagram-ready, sprinkle them with more pink peppercorns and rose petals before digging in.

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Decadent Chocolate Donuts

Decadent Chocolate Doughnuts
Blaine Moats

What makes these baked chocolate donuts so decadent, you ask? For starters, their rich chocolate flavor is enhanced by a sprinkle of instant coffee crystals in the batter. And you can choose how you top these chocolate cake donuts: chocolate or powdered sugar glaze.

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Apple-Cherry and Five-Spice Donuts

Apple-Cherry and Five-Spice Donuts
Jason Donnelly

We can't think of a better way to welcome fall than by baking up a batch of these apple and cherry donuts. You can count on a double dose of apple flavor, thanks to apple cider and apple butter in the dough—plus a little extra fruitiness courtesy of dried cherries. But what really sets these baked apple cider donuts apart from the rest is the five-spice powder that coats them; it gives each bite a delicious sweet-and-spicy flavor.

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Strawberry-Banana Donuts

Strawberry-Banana Donuts
Andy Lyons

These baked donuts taste just like they're fresh from the bakery—but with half the sugar. Mashed banana and honey take the place of sugar in this homemade donut recipe, so you can indulge in a sweet breakfast treat without feeling guilty later. Drizzle with chocolate or a homemade cream cheese frosting for some added decadence.

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Oatmeal-Raisin Donut Holes

Oatmeal-Raisin Doughnut Holes
Blaine Moats

The combination of oatmeal and raisins isn't just for cookies. We love the chewy texture of that classic combo in these baked donut holes, too. Better yet, you can make this baked donut recipe without a donut pan!

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Cherry-Almond Donuts

Cherry-Almond Doughnuts
Adam Albright

What more can we say? If you like cherries and you like almonds, THIS is your baked donut recipe. And if you like to post your food on Instagram, don't skip the powdered sugar sprinkle.

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Mini Cinnamon-Sugar Donuts

Mini Cinnamon-Sugar Donuts
Adam Albright

These baked mini donuts are loaded with the classic flavor combination no one can resist: cinnamon and sugar. We roll these mini donuts in a bowl of cinnamon and sugar straight from the oven. A serving of three homemade mini donuts is only 172 calories.

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Corn Bread Donuts with Fried Chicken

Savory Cornbread Donuts and Fried Chicken
Matthew Clark

Piping cornbread batter into a donut pan helps form these creative baked cornbread donuts. If a savory donut is all you're after, you can stop at Step 1. But keep following the steps for a full-on donut dinner that's sure to please donut-lovers and donut-dissers alike.

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Apple-Walnut Donuts

Apple-Walnut Doughnuts
Adam Albright

Breakfast? Snack? Dessert? At only 169 calories with two grams of fiber and four grams of protein, you can have one of these baked donuts any time the craving strikes. The salty, crunchy nuts and sweet glaze are sure to satisfy.

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