Five Ways to Lighten Desserts

low fat vanilla yogurt frosting

If you love desserts, eating healthfully doesn't mean taking all your favorite sweet treats off the menu. Use these tips and tricks to give desserts a lighter spin.

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Add Fiber


Leave the peel on fruits such as apples and pears for pies and tarts. You'll add nutrients and fiber to your diet.

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Cut the Fat

fat free sour cream

Use light or fat-free dairy products—such as milk, cream cheese, and sour cream—instead of regular versions. If you often accompany dessert with ice cream, serve low-fat or fat-free ice cream or yogurt. And in place of whipped cream, top desserts with thawed light or fat-free frozen whipped dessert topping or pressurized whipped dessert topping.

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Include Whole Grains

whole wheat flour

Increase the fiber and add some whole grains in a baked good by replacing one-fourth of the all-purpose flour in a recipe with whole wheat flour.

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Add More Zing

lemon peel

Boost the seasonings. Add a little extra citrus peel, spice, or flavoring extract when you lower the fat and calories in a recipe. They add flavor without fat.

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Skip the Frosting

low fat vanilla yogurt frosting

Instead of frosting, top cakes or cookies with fresh fruit or low-fat vanilla or fruit-flavored yogurt.

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