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Lighten-up your weekly meal plan with our healthy recipes for every meal. Start with our ingredient swaps and substitutions that turn comfort foods into easy healthy dinner recipes and even healthy desserts. Learn to bake with less fat and cook with less salt that will show you how to make your most-loved recipes better for you.

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Quick and Healthy Green Bean Recipes

Think outside the casserole dish with these fresh green bean recipes. Each healthy side dish showcases green beans in delicious ways; some you've tried before—green beans with almonds—and others, such as Green Beans Nicoise made in one pot, will quickly become a new go-to side dish recipe. Quick, easy, and nutritious, these green bean recipes have it all!

The Latest Info On Produce and Pesticides from the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 Lists

Every year the Environmental Working Group evaluates fruits and veggies for pesticides, and the most contaminated culprits are probably in your favorite smoothie.

The 11 Healthiest Ways to Cook When You Have No Time

Because healthy and "fast food" should get along.