12 Healthy Breakfast Bowls to Fuel Your Body in a Hurry

Egg Fried Rice Ole
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Bowl of cereal? Not today. Start your morning off right with one of these healthy breakfast bowl recipes. Each breakfast power bowl is filled with fresh fruit or veggies and will be ready to eat in 30 minutes or less. Sweet or savory, these 30-minute breakfast recipes will help you ward off hunger pangs until lunch.

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Poached Egg Breakfast Bowls

Andy Lyons

As far as we're concerned, a poached egg is 10 times more delicious when its yolk is running over a bowl full of fresh ingredients. Luckily, this healthy breakfast bowl with eggs lives up to the hype. A poached egg is just the cherry on top of fresh mushrooms, kale, grape tomatoes, and cannellini beans. It's all of your favorite omelet ingredients served bowl-style.

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Ginger-Acai Bowls with Almond-Pepita Clusters

Ginger-Acai Bowls
Blaine Moats

No fresh fruit handy? No problem. Frozen berries, acai puree, and bananas make this smoothie delicious and colorful while Greek yogurt offers a hit of protein and probiotics. When you've finished blending, it's time to decorate with fruit (try mango, peach, kiwifruit, or pineapple) and crunchy clusters made from almonds, pumpkin seeds, coconut, and flaxseed meal. It's a breakfast power bowl recipe that looks like a work of culinary art.

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Breakfast Salad

Breakfast Salad
Hannah Bigot

Salad for breakfast? We know it sounds crazy, but hear us out. While this recipe is filled with all the usual salad suspects such as mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, and avocado, it also puts a few twists on your traditional bowl of lettuce that make it qualify as one of our favorite healthy breakfast bowls. Fresh blueberries, bagel croutons, and a runny poached egg on top all push this salad bowl firmly into breakfast territory. Finish with a dash of everything bagel seasoning, if you please (we do)!

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Hot Grains Power Bowl

Hot Grains Power Bowl
Andy Lyons

From afar, it would be easy to mistake this recipe for a plain bowl of oatmeal, but it's got so much more than that hiding in every bite. Rather than oatmeal, we used multigrain hot cereal to make this hunger-busting breakfast grain bowl, which is packed with whole grains. And once you factor in the shredded carrot, cinnamon, and nutmeg, this healthy breakfast bowl ends up tasting just like carrot cake!

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Egg and Fried Rice Ole

Egg Fried Rice Ole
Jacob Fox

Spice up your mornings by swapping a plain bowl of cereal for this zesty dish filled with poblano peppers, bell peppers, black beans, and brown rice. Instead of mixing it all up with meat, this healthy breakfast bowl is topped with a fried egg, so there's no doubt it belongs at your breakfast table. If you really want to wake up your taste buds, you can also try adding a dash of hot sauce or salsa on top.

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Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowl

Cottage Cheese bowl with fresh fruit and chia seeds
Carson Downing

High in lean protein and calcium, cottage cheese is the anchor of this yummy, filling breakfast bowl. You can even customize this easy healthy breakfast with your favorite fruits and some homemade granola. A sprinkle of chia seeds adds fiber and healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

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Egg White Scramble with Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes

Egg White Scramble with Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes
Jason Donnelly

Instead of making an egg-white omelet, scramble your eggs and serve them with your usual omelet add-ins, like fresh spinach and cherry tomatoes. Before cooking the eggs, sauté the spinach and tomatoes for just a minute or so to wilt the spinach slightly and soften the tomatoes. Top the finished dish with grated Parmesan cheese. To round out the meal, serve the bowl with avocado toast for a healthy dose of carbs and fat.

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Berry-Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Berry-Coconut Smoothie Bowl
Adam Albright

Sure, a 30-minute breakfast recipe is good, but how about a 3-minute breakfast recipe? That's what this dairy-free and vegan breakfast fruit bowl delivers. Coconut yogurt and cashews team up to provide the lusciously creamy texture and satisfying protein count (18 grams per breakfast bowl recipe serving!), while frozen strawberries and flaxseed sweeten the deal and help you fill up on fiber.

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Tropical Fruit Smoothie Bowls


Smoothie bowls are definitely a little more relaxed than grabbing a smoothie to-go on a jam-packed morning, and they're prettier, too! This smoothie bowl will take you on an instant trip to the tropics thanks to mango, pineapple, and coconut milk. Follow our easy instructions to learn how to make a breakfast bowl that will help you score a serving of veggies, too (this recipe gets its color from two cups of fresh spinach). With all of the fruity flavors, you'll never notice the leafy greens are there.

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Banana-Dark Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

Banana-Dark Chocolate Smoothie Bowls
Jacob Fox

Bananas, honey, vanilla, cinnamon, and dark chocolate (plus one more secret ingredient) come together for a dessert-like, protein-packed breakfast bowl that will satisfy any chocolate lover. Sprinkle with some chocolate shavings and extra banana slices for an Instagrammable bowl that can cure all your cravings in just 10 minutes.

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Morning Parfait

Morning Parfait
Blaine Moats

If fresh fruit is your go-to in the mornings, a simple parfait lets your fruit of choice shine while also making it a bit more substantial. This recipe lets you choose your favorite fruits to add (though we recommend a combination of raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and peaches). And if you have a sweet tooth, try adding just a drizzle of honey before serving.

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Puffed Oven-Baked Pancakes with Fruit

Puffed Oven-Baked Pancakes
Blaine Moats

Not only do these homemade pancakes bake in their own mini bowls, but once they puff up, they also become just like bowls themselves! Depending on your mood, you can fill these quick-baking pancakes with whatever you like. In the mood for something sweet? Try fresh fruit and marmalade! Or try making the breakfast bowl recipe savory by topping with your favorite fresh veggies and a fried egg.

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