Fast & Healthy Breakfasts with 10g Protein or More!

Black Bean and Corn Breakfast Burritos
Break out the bacon and eggs! These high-protein breakfast recipes are here to help you start your morning right. How? They're healthy and full of protein, and each breakfast recipe is done in 30 minutes or less. While we certainly gathered our share of egg white omelets and speedy breakfast sandwiches, a few of these protein-packed breakfasts might surprise you (who knew overnight oats could be high in protein?).

Sunshine Toast with Bacon and Tomatoes

Topping our list of high-protein foods, this recipe is sure to put a smile on your face in the morning for more reasons than one. For starters, it’s packed with 15 grams of protein. And for another, it’s a no-fuss breakfast featuring toast, eggs, bacon, and fresh tomatoes. Plus, if you use a sun-shape cookie cutter for the hole in each piece of toast, it looks much cuter and more cheerful than most breakfasts out there!

Grams of Protein: 15

Greens and Bacon Omelet Wraps

With a whopping 22 grams of protein per serving, these omelet wraps are sure to get your day off to a running start. Cooking your eggs omelet-style makes them easy to wrap up in whole grain tortillas (and allows you to sneak in some crumbled turkey bacon!). But fresh veggies play a big role in these wraps, too—each one is packed with red sweet peppers and kale.

Grams of Protein: 22

Bacon-Pea-Swiss Scramble

There’s always time to whip up a quick batch of scrambled eggs in the morning, but you can make them even heartier and healthier with a few easy mix-ins. Start by skillet-cooking a few strips of turkey bacon, then mix it in with your eggs, a handful of peas, and a dash of Asian chili sauce for some heat. Finish it off with fresh ingredients like cherry tomatoes and parsley, and suddenly your plain scrambled eggs aren’t so plain anymore.

Grams of Protein: 15

Zucchini and Tomato Frittata

With this breakfast in our future, we’re willing to skip the snooze button. Dress up this easy egg recipe by filling it with fresh zucchini and cherry tomatoes, then toss in a few chopped walnuts for crunch. This frittata is especially tasty in the summertime with fresh veggies from your garden or the farmers market.

Grams of Protein: 17

Breakfast Burritos with Broccoli Slaw

When you get tired of plain eggs, wrap them up in this super-delicious breakfast burrito. It boasts shredded broccoli slaw and edamame, so you don’t need to worry about getting your fill of veggies. And in case you thought this burrito would be bland, think again—it’s seasoned with chili powder, fresh cilantro, and lime juice.

Grams of Protein: 18

Mediterranean Breakfast Sandwiches

Forget fast-food sandwiches! You can make this tasty, healthy breakfast sandwich in your own kitchen quicker than waiting in the drive-through. It takes only a handful of ingredients (some of which you probably already have on hand) and delivers a Mediterranean-inspired meal that will keep you going all morning long. Just stack fresh spinach, tomato slices, and an egg between multigrain bread, and your healthy breakfast is ready to go!

Grams of Protein: 13

Smoked Salmon Breakfast Wraps

Who says smoked salmon is just for bagels? Not us, that’s for sure! Between the chive cream cheese spread and the slices of smoked salmon, though, these wraps definitely will remind you of bagels and lox. For extra nutrition and flavor, roll up a few ribbons of fresh zucchini into these wraps.

Grams of Protein: 12

Cherry-Java Refrigerator Oatmeal

You don’t have to include eggs and bacon on your plate to get a protein-packed breakfast (you don’t even need a plate at all!). Including Greek yogurt in these overnight oats gives them a healthy boost in protein, and stirring in sweet cherries keeps this make-ahead recipe fresh. If you can spare 10 minutes the night before to throw this recipe together, you can just grab it and go in the morning.

Grams of Protein: 12

Avocado-Egg Breakfast Sandwich

When you need a breakfast that’s high in protein but also need to be out the door in a few minutes, reach for this super-easy breakfast sandwich. Mashed avocado, asparagus spears, and hard-cooked eggs are sandwiched between two slices of whole wheat toast, so vegetarians can enjoy this high-protein breakfast, too. Best of all, you can prep the eggs and asparagus a couple of days in advance, so this recipe is even closer to being grab-and-go.

Grams of Protein: 12

Family-Style Omelet

Need to get your whole family moving in the morning? Instead of standing at the stove and flipping individual eggs, make this family-style omelet that’ll feed everyone in your household. You’ll have to agree on one filling, of course, but our cheesy spinach omelet with red pepper relish is a crowd-pleaser to make everyone happy.

Grams of Protein: 17

Fried Egg Toast with Tomatoes

Plain eggs and toast are good, but serving up an egg inside your toast with a few fresh toppings is even better. Use fresh tomatoes to brighten up this dish, along with green onions or another herb from your garden (we’re fans of fresh parsley, oregano, and thyme on top of this dish). This breakfast isn’t complete without a few shreds of Parmesan cheese.

Grams of Protein: 11

Asparagus and Prosciutto Frittata

Instead of regular ham or bacon, put a new twist on breakfast this morning by filling your frittata with prosciutto. This easy, cheesy recipe takes just one skillet and 25 minutes to make, so it’s much faster than flipping individual omelets. But don’t worry—it’s not all meat and eggs here. Each bite will still have a burst of freshness thanks to asparagus spears and fresh thyme.

Grams of Protein: 19

Filled Egg White Omelet

Egg white omelets are nice, but they’re even nicer when you load them up with fun fillings like bacon, fresh spinach, and black beans. That’s the beauty of this easy omelet recipe—depending on what you like, you can fill it up with anything you like! Choose your meat, veggies, cheese, and toppings, and turn this omelet into a different recipe every time you make it.

Grams of Protein: 17

Avocado and Asparagus Omelet Sandwiches

There’s no doubt breakfast sandwiches are fast, but they’re not always healthy. Enter this avocado and asparagus recipe, which is much healthier (and tastier) than many fast-food breakfast sandwiches out there. And you won’t hear your stomach growling an hour later—there are a couple strips of bacon and omelet-style eggs sandwiched inside.

Grams of Protein: 16

Breakfast Burritos

Why wait until lunchtime to have a burrito when you can start your day with one? In fact, with 20 grams of protein, you won’t even need to bring along a midmorning snack to keep you satisfied until lunchtime. Full of good-for-you ingredients like corn, black beans, and whole grain tortillas (and getting a protein boost from a few eggs), this recipe could easily become your new breakfast go-to.

Grams of Protein: 20

Egg White Scramble with Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes

If egg white omelets aren’t for you, try this scrambled egg white twist instead! Just as healthy as any egg white omelet around, this recipe is packed with 15 grams of protein and topped with a generous sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. It’ll also help you sneak some veggies onto your breakfast plate thanks to wilted spinach and fresh cherry tomatoes.

Grams of Protein: 15

Spinach-and-Feta Omelet

If you can never decide on your omelet fillings, let us do the work for you! This recipe uses fresh mushrooms, onions, and spinach for a delicious veggie-filled breakfast. To speed things along on a jam-packed morning, you can use refrigerated egg product instead of 4 eggs—just don’t forget to top off your omelet with a sprinkle of feta cheese!

Grams of Protein: 17

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