Grilled Salmon Recipes

Grilled Hazelnut Salmon with Watercress Salad
Salmon is versatile, filled with heart-healthy fats, and easy to cook on the grill. Take your pick from one of our favorite grilled salmon recipes and serve up a restaurant-worthy supper right at home.

Planked Salmon with Grilled Tomato Salsa

Planking is an easy way to grill salmon because you can cook and smoke it at the same time. Our delicious planked salmon recipe comes with a homemade tomato salsa, but you can whip up a side using any grilled vegetables.

Ancho Guajillo Grilled Salmon with Grilled Pineapple Salsa

Reinvigorate your palate with Mexican flavors the next time you make grilled salmon. Homemade chili paste, sweetened with a hint of honey, amplifies the smoky flavors from the grill.

Grilled Salmon with Pineapple-Roasted Red Pepper Salsa

With a punch of citrus and a kick of heat, this light grilled salmon recipe is perfect for a weeknight. It cooks up quickly and pairs well with a simple side salad or steamed spinach.

Grilled Salmon Salad Nicoise

Substitute salmon for the classic tuna in this Nicoise salad for a heart-healthy and delicious twist. Try this grilled salmon recipe for a leisurely weekend lunch or a filling weeknight meal.

Plank-Smoked Salmon with Grilled Pepper Relish

Grill salmon on a fragrant alder or cedar plank to add flavor with ease. Pair with grilled pepper relish and a glass of crisp white wine or light beer for a showstopping salmon recipe.

Grilled Salmon with Garden Mayonnaise

A garden-fresh mixture of celery, green onion, tarragon, lemon juice, and mayonnaise tops this simple grilled salmon. Serve this easy-to-make salmon recipe with grilled fresh asparagus.

Salmon Hobo Packs

A three-ingredient glaze adds a sweet twist to this simple grilled salmon recipe. Serve the fish with summer squash, green beans, and sliced cherry tomatoes to round out the meal.

You can bake salmon or other proteins and vegetables in a parchment paper packet (also called “en papillote”) for a flavorful, low-mess meal. Watch as we fold the packet and share our secrets for seasoning the salmon to make a delicious dinner.

3-Step Baked Salmon

If grilling is out of the question, try salmon in a packet, or "en papillote" -- an easy way to get flavorful fish from the oven.

Old-Fashioned Salmon Salad

Hosting a casual dinner party? Toss together this delicious salad of grilled salmon, pear, avocado, honey-roasted almonds, and blue cheese. Serve with warm flour tortillas for a simple yet impressive grilled salmon recipe your friends will love.

Lime Barbecue Salmon Sandwiches

Fresh apple slaw adds sweetness to the tangy lime-glazed salmon on these summery sandwiches. Allow an hour for the slaw to gain full flavor.

Basil-Buttered Salmon

For a garden-fresh twist on a basic grilled salmon recipe, brush on a mixture of warm melted butter, basil, parsley, and lemon peel. Serve it with crisp-tender asparagus.

Grilled Hazelnut Salmon with Watercress Salad

Lightly salted ground hazelnuts make a rich crust for flaky grilled salmon. Serve it on top of a crisp and simple watercress salad for a delicious and balanced meal.

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