Have you ever marinated your meat in coffee? How about yogurt? I'm guessing you haven't raided the liquor cabinet to make the perfect marinade, then? These unlikely marinades all work wonders to keep meat moist and full of flavor.

By Sarah E Crowder
May 20, 2016
cold Brew Coffee Steak Marinade

If you've never tried tenderizing your meat with coffee, give this cold brew marinade a try. Coffee's depth teams up with herbaceous rosemary for the ultimate flavor experience. Get the recipe at Natalie Paramore.

2. Guinness Pork Ribs

Guinness Pork Ribs

For St. Patrick's Day (or any day), try marinating your pork ribs in Irish beer! Get the recipe at The Cooking Bride.

3. Tequila Citrus Chicken

Tequila Citrus Chicken

Or, go straight for the hard stuff and try a meat marinade with a tequila base. It's only appropriate the marinade also includes plenty of citrus juice. Get the recipe at The Girl On Bloor.

4. Dirty Gin Martini Beef

Dirty Gin Martini Marinade

Or perhaps you're more of a gin person? Try this beef marinated in a dirty gin martini-inspired mix. Shaken not stirred, please. Get the recipe at Bite by Michelle.

5. Easy Atomic Trio Hot Wings

Easy Atomic Trio Hot Wings

I've added hot peppers to my marinade, but I've never tried one that's made out of pureed habaneros and jalapeños. "Atomic" sounds about right. Get the recipe at My Lavender Blues.

6. Harissa-Roasted Chicken

Harissa Roasted Chicken

In the spicy but not quite so spicy department, try a super flavorful marinade with harissa. This one also includes acidity in the form of Greek yogurt. Get the recipe at Garlic and Zest.

7. Homestyle Tandoori Chicken


This yogurt-based marinade helps keep chicken tender and, in combination with a masala spice mixture, produces a home-style tandoori chicken. Get the recipe at Rad Dishes.

8. Grilled Chicken Cola Marinade


Have you ever tried soda as a marinade base? It makes sense, since the liquid keeps the meat moist while also adding sweetness. Get this recipe for cola marinade at Real Mom Kitchen.

9. Ketchup Cola Marinade


Better yet, add some ketchup to that soda for a sweet-tangy marinade for chicken. I love that the marinade really sticks to the meat so you get a lot of flavor in the final dish. Get the recipe at E Is For Eat.

10. Maple Mustard Baked Chicken


This blogger claims the combination of maple syrup and Dijon mustard is so amazing that even people who don't like maple or mustard will love it. Give it a try at Nerds with Knives.

Bonus Idea: Djionnaise Chicken You'll Love


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