Marinades & Rubs

Flavor your grilled meats and vegetables with our top marinade and rub recipes. Marinades and rubs can turn tough cuts of meat juicy and tender, dress up even the most boring vegetables, and add pizzazz to a basic meal. There's no reason to rely on store-bought rubs and marinades anymore, once you have our guide to making and using homemade versions. Start with our instructions on making rubs; you'll learn how to mix dry and wet versions to create bursting-with-flavor meats and vegetables. We've also got unexpected ways to flavor your barbecue favorites, such as chicken, pork, or beef, with ideas from grilling pros. Marinades work differently based on how long you allow cuts of meats and types of fish to absorb their flavor; we'll help you learn how to put your marinades to their best use. Rubs are often reserved for special occasions, but there's no reason your favorite recipes can't make their way into everyday cooking; we show you how.

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7 BBQ Rub Recipes That Add Big Flavor to Any Meat You Cook

Make space for a blue ribbon in your collection, you pitmaster you—these homemade BBQ rubs will have you well on your way.
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Barbecue Rub

Chances are very good you have all the spices you need for this BBQ rub in your spice cabinet already.
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Smoky Rub

This dry rub recipe gets its name (and bold flavor) from the generous amount of smoked paprika in the mix.
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Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix

Sure you can buy packets of taco meat seasoning, but you can also make a DIY taco seasoning with items likely already in your spice cabinet. Our taco seasoning recipe can be modified for various dietary restrictions, too.
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Grilled Moroccan Beef Skewers with Yogurt Sauce

These grilled beef skewers are a meal by themselves, but serve them up with lavash--a thin unleavened Middle Eastern bread--or flatbread for a more filling dish.
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You Never Have to Buy Barbecue Sauce Again

Before you settle for that pricey bottle of sauce from the grocery store, consider this: Making your own barbecue sauce at home is easy, saves money, and lets you customize every batch. The ingredients are already in your fridge or pantry, so what are you waiting for? Sauce up your next meal!
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More Marinades & Rubs

All-American Barbecue Chicken

This flavorful chicken entree can travel with you to your tailgate, picnic, or potluck. For one of the most delicious chicken recipes you’ll ever bite into, marinate drumsticks in a citrus vinaigrette overnight and stir together a homemade sauce, then pack in an insulated cooler and grill up succulent barbecue chicken once you reach your site.
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Grilled Pork and Peaches

Make a double batch of the dry spice rub. Use half now with the butter and brown sugar to flavor the pork tenderloin before grilling, then save the rest in an airtight container for up to 6 months to season chicken, steak, or your next batch of pork.