How to Make Breakfast Pizza on the Grill

Breakfast Pizza on the Grill
Chef and owner of Ina's, Chicago's premier breakfast spot, Ina Pinkney shows how to make an unexpected breakfast.

Breakfast Pizza

In May, thousands of grilling enthusiasts gathered in Chicago's Lincoln Park for two days of grilling demonstrations, tastings, and more at the first-ever Better Homes and Gardens and Weber Chill and Grill Festival.

Chef Ina Pinkney demonstrated how to make breakfast pizza, one of her specialties. "Before making coffee, turn on the grill and you can have pizza for breakfast," she says. Click to the following slides for step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Shape the dough

Ina shapes a ball of purchased dough into a round using a rolling pin. Then she uses her fingers to push up the edges to make a crust. "The dough will spring back on you," she says. "Just let it rest a few minutes if it gets difficult."

Step 2: Grill the crust

Ina often grills pizza directly on the grill rack, but she decided to use a pizza stone for this presentation. After spraying the grill grates with cooking spray, transfer the dough directly to the rack or pizza stone. After a few minutes check the first side, and once it is set flip the crust.

Step 3: Break an egg

Ina uses pasteurized eggs so she can serve them with a nice runny yolk. Top the crust with three or four eggs, depending on the size of the crust. Don't worry if an egg slides off the crust and onto the pizza stone. Just scoop it up with a spatula and place it back on top of the pizza.

Step 4: Add more yummy toppings

Ina finishes the pizza with bacon and a sprinkling of cheese. To ensure the eggs cook until set and the cheese melts, close the grill lid to trap the heat.

Step 5: Finish with tasty leftovers

Give your pizza even more pizzazz by adding leftovers from the night before -- chopped veggies, turkey brats, and cheese all work well, Ina says.

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