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grilled brats with bock mustard relish
Planning a summer party or a backyard barbecue? Try these hot-off-the-grill brats piled high with creative toppings like fresh cucumber-blueberry slaw and tangy bock beer-mustard relish. Plus, we've got cheesy stuffed bratwurst and brats wrapped in bacon. It's time to fire up the grill!

Smoked Cheddar and Jalapeno Stuffed Brats

Stuffed with smoky cheddar cheese and spicy peppers, these brats get a South-of-the-Border spin when topped with a salsa- and cilantro-laced slaw. Add fresh flavor with a squeeze of lime juice.

Brats with Cucumber-Blueberry Slaw

Give your next batch of grilled brats a sophisticated twist with a spoonful of sweet and savory slaw. You'll love the unexpected flavor and texture of fresh blueberries.

Chicken Bratwurst and Onions with Broccoli Slaw Salad

Give your grill the night off. These healthy chicken bratwursts are slow-cooked to juicy perfection. Add flavor—not fat—with an irresistible crunchy broccoli slaw topper.

Baconista Brats

Make the meat-lovers in your life happy! We doubled the pork for big smoky flavor that's sure to satisfy.

Make-Ahead Tip: We like to marinate the brats for 24 hours in a zesty blend of dark beer and steak sauce.

Summer Dogs

Serve up a taste of summer at your next grill party! Seasonal produce like sweet corn, tomatoes, and jalapeno peppers gives these brats loads of fresh flavor.

Test Kitchen Tip: For even more flavor, grill the corn before mixing it into the relish.


Beer-Braised Brats

Beer isn't just for drinking! Cooking brats in beer before grilling keeps the outside from burning while ensuring the inside is flavorful and juicy.

Wilted Cabbage and Brats

Even if you want to skip the bun, you can still enjoy a grilled brat this summer! This salad combines cooked cabbage, apple slices, bratwurst, and a mustard sauce for a mouthwatering dish that will fit right in at your next cookout. 

Cheese-Stuffed Brats

We don't know about you, but we love our brats with lots of ooey-gooey cheese and crispy bacon. These brats are stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and wrapped with a strip of bacon before grilling to satisfy those cravings.

Brats with Mango Relish

Put a tropical twist on traditional barbecue fare. Filled with sweet heat, our mango relish gets smoky flavor from a quick grill over the coals.

Jalapeno-Cheese Brats

These mouthwatering brats are stuffed with a spicy blend of jalapeno peppers and Monterey Jack cheese. These make-ahead fan favorites are perfect for tailgating!

Mustardy Brats with Sauerkraut

A sweet and tangy sauerkraut relish perfectly balances the savory taste of bratwurst. Steam the relish right on the grill for even more flavor.

BBQ Split Sundae

We're pretty sure you've never tried bratwurst like this before. Instead of indulging in a sweet ice cream sundae, try this savory version that features mashed potato "ice cream," a grilled brat, creamy mac and cheese, and a cherry tomato on top.

Brats with Jalapeno-Green Apple Sauerkraut

Classic sauerkraut gets a sweet makeover with tart slices of fresh green apple. This sweet and tangy combination will thrill your taste buds, bite after bite.

Grilled Brats with Bock Beer-Mustard Relish

Bock beer, a strong and hoppy lager, adds rich flavor to our spicy mustard-and-horseradish relish. A quick drizzle of honey balances the kick.

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