The Ingredient is Wood

Add a woodsy smoke flavor to your grilled, smoked, and barbecued specialties by adding hardwood to your fire.
Choose your wood carefully for the best tasting food on the grill.

You'll find hardwood chips and chunks in cookware shops and some supermarkets. Which varieties should you choose?

  • Hickory is a favorite for all types of foods because it yields an intense, sweet flavor.
  • Many say pecan is a smoother version of hickory with a fruity quality.
  • Delicate, light alder is often paired with salmon and other fish.
  • Mesquite lends sweetness to beef, pork, poultry, and fish.
  • Apple, orange, and cherry woods impart a lighter smoky sweetness that complements poultry and fish nicely.
  • Hardwood chips work best for quick-cooking foods; the chunks are better suited to larger items. Soak both the chips and the chunks in water for an hour before using so they will smoke rather than burn.


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