Smoking is essentially grilling and can be done on charcoal or gas grills. However, if you're all about the smoke, then you may consider buying a smoker.
Vertical Water Smoker

There are two basic types of smokers - vertical water smokers and horizontal dry or pit smokers.

Vertical Water Smoker Components

  • Cylindrical-shaped barrel 2 1/2-3 1/2 feet high and about an 18-inch diameter
  • Base of barrel is heat source - charcoal, gas or electric
  • Wood chips or chunks are placed on heat source to enhance desired smoky flavor
  • Water pan is placed above heat source
  • One or more grill racks above water pan

Benefits of Vertical Water Smoker

  • Water provides moisture to smoking process
  • Substantially less expensive than Pit Smokers

How Horizontal Dry Smokers Cook

  • Horizontal smokers cook food by indirect grilling. These smokers have two chambers: one large one where food is placed and a smaller offset fire chamber where fuel source heat the food chamber indirectly.

Benefits of Horizontal Dry Smokers

  • Volume of food that can be smoked at one time is substantial

What to Look for In Vertical and Horizontal Smokers

  • Heavy-gauge metal, usually steel
  • Smooth porcelain enamel inside and out for durability
  • Tight-fitting lid to hold in smoke and heat
  • Built-in temperature gauge to monitor heat inside
  • Access to lower half of barrel for ease of adding wood, water or charcoal as needed
  • Trays for catching and disposing of ashes
  • Sufficient vents to help regulate heat and smoke


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