Grilling Tips

Try these tips and techniques to grill your fish perfectly.
Charcoal-grilled, pan-dressed fish.
  • It helps to place fish on a double layer of heavy-duty foil and to use a wide spatula if you must turn it, or to place it in a grill basket.
  • Also, cut slits in the foil before placing fish on foil. This will allow the juices to drain so the fish doesn't poach in the juices.
  • Be sure to lightly grease or brush the foil or grill basket with cooking oil or lightly coat it with nonstick cooking spray before adding the fish. Firmer-textured fish steaks can be grilled directly on top of a greased grill rack.

Hot Tip: Testing fish for doneness can be a tricky job for even expert grillers. A few tips will help: If grilling fish with the skin on, let the skin brown and begin to pull it away from the grill before trying to turn the fish. Grill fish just until it is opaque through the thickest part. Don't cook until it's dry, though! It will turn tough. The best test of all is to take a quick peek at the thickest part of the fish using a fork. When done, the fish will flake easily.

No grill basket? Don't despair. You can still cook your favorite fish or seafood over an outdoor grill.

  • Place a piece of greased heavy-duty foil over the grate. Using a sharp knife, poke holes or make slits in the foil to allow the drippings to drain away from the fish or seafood.
  • When it's time to turn the food, use grill tongs. That way you can turn the fish or seafood without piercing the surface and releasing flavorful juices. If tongs are not among your supplies, use a wide metal spatula. Just slip the spatula between the food and the foil, then turn.
  • Improvisation is a necessary tool for all outdoor chefs, and you can't find that at your local hardware store!


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