June 09, 2015
placing tin on coals
Place a drip pan right underneath where the food will be set.

The great thing about grilling is you can tailor it to the type of food you have.

  • Direct grilling, which means positioning the food directly over the hot coals and cooking uncovered, is best suited towards foods that are tender, small, or thin, and cook quickly.
  • Indirect grilling means placing food adjacent to rather than directly over the coals and grilling covered. This is the best method for whole birds, big cuts of meat, and whole vegetables.


1. For indirect grilling in a charcoal grill, heat the coals until they are covered with gray ash.

2. Use long-handled tongs to position them around the edge of the grill.

3. Position a drip pan in the center of the grill, directly under where the food will be placed.


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