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Chicken Vegetable Green Curry
Start fall smart with nutritious smoothies, hands-off dinners, and make-ahead desserts. You'll be well-fueled with seasonal ingredients and craveable spices, and ready for whatever the day brings.

Steak and Black Bean Burrito

Take your beef and bean burrito to the next level by making your own quick-fix salsa! Stir together half of a chopped white onion, one 4-ounce can of green chiles, a squeeze of lime juice, and a pinch of salt. Combined with juicy skillet-seared steak and creamy black beans, one bite will convince you that homemade Mexican food can be just as flavorful as its restaurant counterparts.

Harissa-Spiced Chicken

No more bland chicken! Harissa, a Middle Eastern spice blend of chiles, cumin, and garlic, adds a powerful flavor punch to this one-dish chicken dinner. Shred leftovers to tuck inside tortillas or sandwich buns.

Chicken and Vegetable Green Curry

Customize to your heart's content with this one-pot curry. Use it as a vehicle for all your leftover (or frozen!) vegetables, and try tofu or shrimp instead of chicken. If you’re craving carbs, stir in cooked rice or pasta.

Spiced Sweet Potato and Coconut Smoothies

Sweet spuds aren’t just for fall and winter feasts. Puree cooked potatoes with Greek yogurt, dates, coconut, and warm spices for a better-than-coffee-shop smoothie. Whipped cream and pumpkin spice are optional (but recommended!).

Kale, Halloumi, and Peach Salad

Tame the bitterness of kale by massaging it with olive oil. Then toss the tenderized leaves with sweet peaches and salty prosciutto, Halloumi cheese, and pecans. Kids will love all the colors; you’ll adore all the nutrition.

Olive Oil and Rosemary Loaf

Everyone will be convinced you’ve been baking all day when you serve this garlic and rosemary bread. It’ll be our little secret that the savory olive oil loaf takes just 60 minutes start to finish! Serve it to sop up every last drop of soup or as a better-than-store-bought sandwich starter.

Carrot Cake Smoothies

Each glass of this five-minute smoothie recipe tastes like dessert while packing in a surprisingly high amount of protein (21 grams!). To thicken the texture and boost the nutrition, we call for banana, Greek yogurt, almond butter, and more in this speedy breakfast option.

Tuna Melts with Olives and Lemon

Who needs mayo when tuna packed in oil offers so much rich flavor and luscious texture as is? The pantry-friendly protein is the star of this towering toast recipe—along with plenty of melted Havarti cheese. Sprinkle with fresh watercress for a bright, peppery punch.

Cinnamon Drop Biscuits

From breakfast (with a side of fruit and yogurt) to dessert (topped with ice cream or whipped cream), there’s no wrong time to indulge in one of these cinnamon-sugar biscuits. We love them as a swap for standard biscuits or cakes in a strawberry shortcake recipe. Bonus: They take just 35 minutes to mix and bake!

Feeling down? Drink up! This candy-flavor smoothie offers the ideal balance of protein, carbs, fiber, and fat to keep blood sugar steady. Plus, extracts in cocoa help naturally boost your mood.

Big-Batch Black Beans

It’s far easier than you might expect to transform dried beans into a warmly spiced meatless meal starter. Portion out 2-cup servings of the beans and cooking liquid into small containers and freeze for up to six months. The moment a craving hits, you can thaw and toss them in a rice bowl, stir into a hearty soup, or layer inside a quesadilla.

Coconut-Chia Oat Crisps

This crunchy, granola-like snack is very versatile. Top with milk to enjoy as a cereal or break into smaller pieces for a fruit and yogurt parfait garnish. Or eschew the dairy and use the crisps as a toast trade (simply slather with peanut butter and stack on banana slices).

Fuel up before a walk with this vitamin-rich, inflammation-taming sip. The sweet berries, cherries, and banana magically disguise the cup of spinach that’s hiding in each serving.

Braised Cabbage and Carrots

Try this speedy veggie side for a nutritious addition to dinner. If you opt for vegetable stock instead of chicken stock, the 35-minute recipe is completely vegan! It’s not boring, though: Thyme, smoked paprika, and cumin will lure even picky eaters to the table.

Ginger-Mango Smoothies

Your brain and body will be golden after you slurp up a serving of this vibrant yellow smoothie. The yogurt's probiotics will keep your stomach happy, while the ratio of carbs (from mango, banana, and honey) and protein (via Greek yogurt and milk) will feed your brain cells all morning long.

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