Better Homes & Gardens October 2017 Recipes

Treat your inner child to a modern twist on kid-favorite foods like ants on a log and fish sticks with our recipes in the October 2017 issue of Better Homes & Gardens. Come party time, don't miss our spread of delectable party dips, produce-packed cocktails, and crowd-pleasing cake and cobbler recipes.

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    Enchilada Casserole

    Pretty spirals of beets and carrots (or any root vegetable) add a showy touch to these cheesy chicken enchiladas. With beans, rice, and salsa tucked inside the tortillas as well, this casserole is a complete Mexican meal in one pan.

  • Butternut Squash & Mushroom Noodle Bowl, squash, mushrooms 2 of 19

    Butternut Squash and Mushroom Noodle Bowl

    This takeout-inspired dinner cuts down on the grease and salt, but keeps all the amazing layers of flavor you know and love from Asian restaurant recipes.

  • Roasted Garlic Spread, garlic, dip 3 of 19

    Roasted Garlic Spread

    Yes—you can serve garlic in your recipes at dinner parties, potlucks, and more. The trick: Roast the garlic to tame its bite while still enjoying all of its savory, complex flavors.

  • Spice-Rubbed Chicken & Poblano Tacos, tacos, chicken 4 of 19

    Spice-Rubbed Chicken and Poblano Tacos

    These warmly spiced tacos come with a double layer of tortillas to keep the chicken and peppers from spilling out. (But do be sure to enjoy the extra bites with a fork!)

  • Buttery Celery Tortellini, pasta, celery 5 of 19

    Buttery Celery Tortellini

    It's almost as easy to make this vegetarian pasta dinner as it is to clean up after. Since you stir together all of the ingredients in one skillet and don't need to drain a thing, this is a one-pan plan.

  • Pork & Red Cabbage Skillet, cabbage, skillet 6 of 19

    Pork and Red Cabbage Skillet

    You need just five ingredients to bring this gourmet-tasting pork dinner to the table. If you can't find red cabbage (or just don't like it), try shaved Brussels sprouts instead.

  • Cod and Tomatoes with Crispy Parsley Crumbs, tomatoes, cod, seasoning 7 of 19

    Cod and Tomatoes with Crispy Parsley Crumbs

    If you loved fish sticks as a kid (or if your little ones gobble them up now), try this sheet-pan supper tonight. Made with whole pieces of fish and crunchy, herb-infused panko bread crumbs, this recipe tastes way better than frozen fish sticks and is almost as easy to prepare.

  • Mini Layer Cakes, cakes, jelly beans 8 of 19

    Mini Layer Cakes

    These Mexican chocolate cakes are a perfect party dessert. Simply set out a bowl of Cream Cheese Frosting, jelly beans, and other candies, and allow guests to customize their own treats.

  • Pumpkin Spread, pumpkin, dip 9 of 19

    Pumpkin Spread

    A little sweet and a little spicy, this pumpkin-bean dip is delicious with crudites or crackers, or spread on a sandwich.

  • Homemade Saltines, saltines, crackers 10 of 19

    Homemade Saltines

    Stay classic and just use salt, or sprinkle your saltines with poppy seeds or everything bagel seasoning, too, for a unique variation.

  • Raspberry or Mango Spritz-Ade Cocktails, cocktails, drinks 11 of 19

    Raspberry or Mango Spritz-Ade Cocktails

    Not a fan of sugary sips? Omit the agave nectar in this recipe—the lemonade and frozen fruit puree makes the mix sweet and refreshing.

  • Chorizo-Cheese Ants On A Log, celery, cheese, snack 12 of 19

    Chorizo-Cheese Ants on a Log

    For a heartier, more adult twist on ants on a log, spread celery stalks with a cheesy chorizo mixture topped with diced dates. 

  • Spicy Fruit Salad, salad, fruit 13 of 19

    Spicy Fruit Salad

    Accentuate the sweetness in your fruit salad by adding a dash of chili powder, adobo sauce, and sliced jalapenos. The hint of heat makes the natural sugars in the mangoes and strawberries shine.

  • Persimmon Cobbler, cobbler, dessert 14 of 19

    Persimmon Cobbler

    Ground ginger in the cobbler topping and crystallized ginger in the fruit filling—plus a brandied custard sauce drizzled over every bite—pull together the flavors in this delicious dessert.

  • Cocktails, veggie cocktails, drink 15 of 19

    Celery Tonic

    Make sure to slice an extra stalk or two into edible stir sticks so these vibrant cocktails look as amazing as they taste.

  • Double-Ginger Celery Salad, salad, ginger 16 of 19

    Double-Ginger Celery Salad

    A triple dose of crunch (from the celery, apple, and pistachios) makes this light and refreshing salad satisfying. To make it a meal, top with grilled salmon or chicken.

  • Alabama Stone Soup, soup, veggies 17 of 19

    Alabama Stone Soup

    Here’s a secret to boost any soup’s flavor: Slice garlic cloves in half, sprinkle with salt, and allow to sit for 15 minutes. This small step makes all the difference in this serves-a-crowd soup recipe inspired by the folktale.

  • Roasted Garlic Spread, garlic, dip 18 of 19

    Sweet Pea Spread

    Since this easy-peasy dip calls for frozen and canned vegetables, you can easily blend up a batch for last-minute guests and get-togethers.

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