Better Homes and Gardens May 2015 Recipes

It's time to rock the potluck. We're sharing 12 scene-stealing recipes fit for any summer party. Plus, we have three creative takes on fish tacos and inventive asparagus recipes. Finally, try our four weeknight-ready dinners. These are the standout recipes from the pages of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

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    Our newest recipes celebrate the fresh flavors of spring. We're sharing new takes on asparagus, potluck-perfect sides, and creative fish tacos.

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    It's potluck season - what are you going to bring? These big-batch dishes pack party-size flavor to help you stand out in the crowd.

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    Summer Spaghetti Salad

    This salad of pasta, zucchini, and string cheese is a beautiful thing. We've topped it with summer's best -- fresh tomatoes.

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    Sweet Potato Deviled Eggs

    This recipe has everything you love about deviled eggs but with updated mix-ins like sweet potato, Mexican crema, and jalapenos. Ole!

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    Basil and Olive Potatoes

    You can do better than store-bought potato salad! In this fresh take, chunky potatoes and peppers are slathered with a warm basil dressing and tossed with green olives.

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    Grilled Polenta and Greens

    Serving this grilled polenta cake is an easy way to impress your guests. Just before serving, top the crispy cake with a salad of fresh cucumbers, berries, and feta cheese.

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    Zesty Green Bean Slaw

    This slaw stands out in a crowd. It has all the required crunch, thanks to napa cabbage, green beans, and chopped peanuts, plus a tangy fish sauce dressing.

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    Avocado and Caramelized Pineapple Salad

    This cool salad is a delicious ode to some of the things we love best about summer -- juicy berries, fresh avocado, and grilling.

    Test Kitchen Tip: Sprinkling the pineapple with chili powder before grilling gives it just enough heat.

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    Confetti Corn Salad

    Bring something new to the party. Our updated version of confetti corn introduces corn and melon to a silky coconut dressing and plenty of salted cashews.

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    Marinated Manchego and Oranges

    Need some appetizer inspiration? Infuse cheese with orange and pepper, toss on fresh tomatoes, and dig in!

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    Deep and Smoky Baked Beans

    Make your baked beans better. We've kept everything you love but added shredded pork and spicy kimchi.

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    Farro and Fruit Salad

    This scene-stealing salad is packed with fresh blueberries, farro, and fennel. A tangy lemon vinaigrette brings the whole bowl together.

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    Sweet and Spicy Party Wings

    So spicy, so good. These oven-baked wings are drenched with an addictive hot honey glaze and topped with lots and lots of fresh jalapenos.

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    Triple-Ruby Relish

    Summer's go-to condiment is this ruby trio of watermelon, strawberry, and radish. A simple balsamic-mint marinade keeps it savory.

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    Start here for our fresh takes on classic fish tacos. Plus, we're sharing two spicy salsa recipes.

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    Fish Tacos with Tropical Salsa

    The tropical salsa on these fish tacos is seriously good. All it takes is six ingredients and some chopping -- done!

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    Citrus-Marinated Fish Tacos

    Fish taco newbie? Start here with our no-fail citrus fish tacos. A quick marinade ensures they stay flavorful and moist.

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    Fish Tacos with Roasted Tomato Salsa

    Searching for a classic fish taco recipe? This is the only one you'll ever need.

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    We've got the weeknight dinners you've been looking for.

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    Chicken and Avocado Lettuce Wraps

    Crisp romaine lettuce hearts hold an spicy filling of juicy chicken, avocado, and tomatoes for a fresh take on taco salad. Top with crushed tortilla chips for major crunch.

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    Grilled Sirloin and Pepper Pasta Salad

    Fire up the grill! This pasta salad is loaded with your family's favorites -- steak, peppers, and blue cheese!

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    Lemon Baked Fish with Dill Panko Topping

    Baking fish over lemon slices means fresh citrusy flavor with every bite. We love this method with oranges and limes, too.

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    Gnocchi and Sausage

    Lighten up hearty gnocchi and sausage with a fresh sauce of tomatoes, sweet peppers, and zesty arugula.

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    Asparagus season is here! Make the most of the spring favorite with these inventive new dishes. Asparagus falafel, anyone?

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    Loaded Asparagus Hash Browns

    This easy recipe proves hash browns are perfect for any time of day. We've topped the crispy spuds with an asparagus and sausage hash.

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    Asparagus Falafel

    We've added fresh asparagus to this seasonal take on classic falafel. Serve it with a creamy salad for an easy weeknight meal.

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    Orange, Asparagus, and Calamari

    You're just 25 minutes away from your next great meal. The fresh flavor of orange brightens up asparagus and calamari in this easy skillet dinner.

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    Asparagus-White Bean Gratin

    This one-pan dinner features crispy prosciutto-wrapped asparagus and a creamy cannellini bean gratin. Ready in just 25 minutes, it's perfect for on-the-fly entertaining.

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