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Brandied Strawberry Freezer Jam
With mix-and-match chicken wings and irresistible fruit desserts, this collection of summer entertaining recipes satisfies your meal needs from start to finish. Wake up your grilled hot dog routine with sandwich-inspired toppings, and learn new ways to cook with carrots. All this and more awaits in these recipes from our June 2017 magazine!

Cherry Honeycomb Cobbler

This sweet, summery treat is all about the presentation! Instead of a fruit crisp topping, this cherry dessert is topped with honey-thyme cookies layered on in a bee-autiful pattern.

Banh Mi-Style Hot Dogs

Soy sauce, chili sauce, fresh mint, and a vinegar dressing all help to make these hot dogs taste just like the traditional Vietnamese sandwiches that are so trendy right now.

Cobb Salad Grilled Chicken

Avocado, hard-cooked eggs, blue cheese, and bacon pretty much guarantee that this salad-inspired recipe will inspire you to rewrite your definition of “grilled chicken dinner.” It has so much flavor!

Roasted Carrots with Carrot-Top Pesto

For a nutritious, no-waste side dish, process leafy carrot tops with basil, Parmesan, and a few pantry staples, then use this fresh pesto to top roasted carrots.

Roasted Tomato & Artichoke Pasta

Sheet pan pasta sauce is a revelation! Roasting the vegetables brings out their sensational summer flavors—and allows you to multitask by prepping the pasta and a side salad all at once.

Cobb-Style Hot Dogs

Get a double dose of pork goodness by loading up your hot dog with some crispy bacon!  Avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, and a creamy buttermilk dressing complete this picnic-ready recipe.

Apricot-Tangerine Freezer Jam

Don’t be intimidated by DIY jam recipes! Try a freezer jam to dip your toe into the summer trend. Just stir together fruit (here, pitted apricots and tangerine juice), pectin, sugar, and freeze.

Fresh Pea & Ricotta Tartine

Whisked ricotta cheese creates the perfect rich “sauce” for these garden-fresh open-faced sandwiches. It’s creamy and just salty enough, but still allows the peas to steal the show.

Raspberry Angel Cakes

For a light-as-air dessert, pipe a marshmallow creme-based frosting (rather than denser buttercream) atop angel food cupcakes.

Greens, Eggs & Ham Frittata

Dr. Seuss would be proud of this easy egg recipe! Leafy greens, eggs, and smoked ham fill this one-pan frittata that’s just as good for brunch as it is for an on-the-go lunch (just stuff a slice between two slices of toast).

Peaches & Cream Prosecco Cake

Fizzy freshness is the name of the dessert game with this triple-layer peaches and cream cake. The sponge cakes and the peaches are marinated in Prosecco!

Fish with Crispy Bread Crumbs, Spinach & Onions

A coating of tarragon bread crumbs makes the sauteed white fish fillets taste as great as any seafood recipe you can order at a restaurant.

Individual Mashed Carrot & Potato Bakes

Creamy, cheesy mashed potatoes are mixed with carrots for a side dish recipe with more nutrition—and natural, earthy sweetness.

Hot Dogs with Apple And White Cheddar

You love to snack on apples and cheddar, so why not add them to your hot dog? This recipe gets an added layer of flavor from the apple juice "bath" that the hot dogs simmer in.

Mix 'N' Match Chicken Wings

Amplify the heat of from the buttermilk-hot sauce marinade with a little or a lot of kick by way of choose-your-adventure chicken wing rubs and sauces.

Cherry-Berry Freezer Jam

We love this cherry and blueberry jam slathered on sweet treats, like shortbread cookies and cakes, and savory ones, like corn bread or bagels. Or try a spoonful mixed with club soda for a refreshing spritzer!

Hot Dogs with Plum Tapenade

Ketchup and mustard have had their day! Top your hot dog with a colorful tapenade that strikes the perfect balance of sweet, salty, and tangy.

Strawberry Meringue Cookies

The secret to layered meringue cookies that don’t deflate? Gently stack the ingredients (rather than stirring them). Then allow the baked meringues to cool in the turned-off oven before transferring to a wire rack.

Muffuletta Hot Dogs

Take a bite out of the Big Easy with this fully-loaded olive-, pepperoncini-, and mozzarella-topped dog.

Rosemary & Carrot Ribbon Pappardelle

Invite carrots to the pasta party! Vegetable ribbons help make a smaller portion of pasta feel like a hearty meal—without adding loads of calories and carbs.

Cuban Black Bean Chili Dogs

Brilliant hot dog hack: Cook the links in jalapeno pepper brine to infuse them with spicy goodness. Then balance out that heat with a refreshing radish and cilantro garnish.

Brandied Strawberry Freezer Jam

Yes, you can use a potato masher for more than spuds! Try it to get a spot-on texture for this summery strawberry jam that's spiked with a splash of brandy. 

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