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Walnut-Feta Yogurt Dip
Check out the latest recipes from Better Homes and Gardens -- 20-minute suppers, light dips, great grilled steak, and more.

Sunset Sangria

In this special twist on classic sangria, ruby-red wine floats atop pale green limeade. To get this two-tone effect, gently pour the wine on top of the limeade in the glass.

Chicken with Spiced Tomato Jam

A breading of Romano cheese, fresh chives, and lemon juice puts a jazzy spin on chicken drumsticks. Savory-sweet tomato jam makes a special dipping sauce.

French Chicken Stew

Tender chicken, herbs, and fresh vegetables make this slow-cooker dish a surefire crowd pleaser; time-saving ingredients such as premade pasta sauce make preparation a snap.

Oat 'N' Toffee Grahams

It's hard to go wrong with this sweet treat, perfect for sharing. A creamy layer of chocolate and crunchy almonds top a crisp graham cracker crust.

Lemony Scones with Dried Fruit

A lemon-sugar glaze makes these fruit-filled scones sweet enough for dessert; make them ahead for a quick weekday breakfast or the perfect side for your next tea party.

Fruit-and-Fire Flat Iron Steaks

A six-ingredient marinade gives these steaks a touch of heat. Grilled chunks of pineapple, nectarine, and plum temper the spice.

Top Sirloin Kabobs and Avocado Sauce

A garlicky marinade gives these steak skewers unbeatable flavor. A fresh avocado sauce, served on the side, adds a dinner party-worthy touch.

Rosemary Porterhouse Steaks with Olive Mayo

A rosemary and salt rub keeps this steak and potato recipe nice and simple; the tangy olive mayonnaise, which requires just four ingredients, makes a great finishing touch.

Ribeyes with Garden Tomatoes

These simple steaks, topped with garden-fresh heirloom tomatoes, fresh herbs, and crisp lettuce, are ready in a flash.

Mediterranean Strip Steaks

The bright flavors of the Mediterranean -- lemon, olive oil, feta cheese, and oregano -- complement smoky paprika and brown sugar-rubbed steaks.

Tri-Tip Steaks with Texas Toast

For an easy open-face sandwich, enjoy tri-tip steak, shredded romaine, slivered onion, and jalapeno slices piled high on Texas toast.

Tenderloin with Grilled Corn Relish

A rich and creamy corn relish and bacon add juiciness to this lean cut of meat.

Greek Pasta Salad

Fresh herbs, veggies, and olives are tossed with pasta in this sprightly salad. Feta cheese gives it a tangy finish.

Green Bean Salad

Lime juice, salt, and pepper give green beans fresh flavor in this 15-minute side dish.

Skillet White Beans

Baked beans are a summertime staple -- and this recipe can be made on your stovetop. Add a dollop of sour cream, fresh basil leaves, and chopped tomatoes for a pretty topper.

Chimichurri Chicken

A five-ingredient Chimichurri sauce adds pizzazz to grilled chicken. Serve it with fresh green beans.

Pita, Cheese & Veggie Grill

For a quick supper, fill pita bread with grilled veggies and warm feta cheese. A honey-and-Italian-dressing spread jazzes it up.

Brats with Mango Relish

A savory-sweet topping of grilled mango, onion, jerk seasoning, salt, and pepper takes classic brats to the next level.

Portobello Burgers

This portobello mushroom is packed with flavor, thanks to a four-ingredient marinade. Layer them with melted cheese, roasted red pepper, and fresh basil on ciabatta rolls for a simple supper you'll love.

Spice-Rubbed Salmon

For a simple way to flavor salmon, try our five-spice rub. Grilled cabbage, combined with juicy oranges and crisp carrots, makes a great side.

Pine Nut-White Bean Dip

This creamy dip is seasoned with lemon juice and fresh herbs. Cayenne pepper adds a touch of heat; cannelloni beans and pine nuts give it great texture.

Curried Carrot Spread

Flavored with a zesty blend of curry powder, cumin, and garlic, this hearty carrot dip is hard to resist. Serve it with rice or whole-wheat crackers.

Tangy Lemon-Caper Dip

Lemon, dill, and thyme give this creamy dip fresh summer flavor. Make it with light sour cream and low-fat plain yogurt to keep calories in check.

Walnut-Feta Yogurt Dip

Yogurt cheese makes this dip ultra-thick. A blend of feta cheese, dried tomatoes, and oregano makes it flavorful. Walnuts add satisfying crunch.

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