Better Homes and Gardens January 2015 Recipes

Start the new year with our collection of no-fail recipes. We have simple tips and tricks for mastering everyone's favorite pot roast, shepherd's pie, and roast chicken. Plus, we have creative twists on the classics. Serve up one of our sweet grapefruit desserts and enjoy the oohs and aahs that follow. Finally, we've given quiche a makeover with a guilt-free filling that starts with fat-free Greek yogurt.

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    We're saying hello to 2015 with modern twists on the classics like pot roast, shepherd's pie, and roast chicken. We've also give your favorite quiche a fresh (guilt-free) makeover and added something sweet -- tangy grapefruit desserts.

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    Resolution: Fall back in love with quiche. We're sharing four extra-light versions that are better than ever, thanks to greek yogurt!

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    Sweet and Savory Greens Quiche

    The sweet? Golden raisins. The savory? Swiss chard, garlic, and pine nuts. The result? A truly perfect pie.

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    Spinach-Pancetta Quiche

    Fat-free Greek yogurt gives this quiche a seriously creamy filling without the guilt. We've kept the savory flavors you love, too.

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    Caramelized Pear and Blue Cheese Quiche

    Serve up the classic flavors of pear and blue cheese in this showstopping savory pie. We couldn't decide what we loved more -- the flaky crust, the creamy filling, or the perfectly tender pears!

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    Chipotle Chicken Quiche

    Give quiche a dinnertime makeover with smoky cumin, chipotle pepper, and chili powder. Chock-full of chicken and cheese, this hearty main dish is best served with fresh salsa.

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    Give grapefruit a chance. We've taken it past breakfast with five deliciously sweet desserts.

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    Upside-Down Grapefruit Cakes

    You'll flip over this sweet grapefruit cake. The classic favorite is making a comeback with buttery caramelized grapefruit and a tender coconut cake.

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    Sparkling Grapefruit Sorbet Floats

    Have your dessert and drink it, too! We think this sparkling float of creamy ice cream, grapfruit sorbet, and prosecco is the perfect way to ring in the new year.

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    Grapefruit and Pear Crumble

    This (healthy!) dessert is full of good-for-you ingredients like chia seeds, oats, and flaxseeds. But we're guessing it's the sweet, fruity flavor that will have you coming back for a second scoop.

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    Tangy Grapefruit Tart

    This pie starts with a homemade grapefruit curd that's so good you'll want to double the recipe. We love it slathered on toast, spooned over ice cream, and as a dip for graham crackers.

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    Grapefruit Olive Oil Cake

    Play up the fruitiness of olive oil with a triple dose of grapefruit. Slice and serve the cake with fresh grapefruit, grapefruit syrup, and a sparkling grapefruit sugar.

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    We've got four core recipes for the classics like pot roast and baked chicken. Plus, we've given each a set of flavorful variations for easy weeknight cooking that never gets old.

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    Cheeseburger Shepherd's Pie

    Serve up your favorite cheeseburger casserole-style. Don't worry, we've kept all your favorite toppings: pickles, mustard, and melty cheese.

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    Hot Italian Shepherd's Pie

    For a completely fresh and decidedly Italian take on shepherd's pie, we've added provolone cheese, spicy sausage, and chopped pepperoncini.

    Test Kitchen Tip: To add even more flavor, finish the dish with oil-packed dried tomatoes and fresh basil.

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    Barbecue Shepherd's Pie

    Swap in Southern favorites like sweet potatoes and barbecue sauce, and you've got a comforting casserole everyone will love.

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    Cumin-Spiked Shepherd's Pie

    Smoky cumin, pickled jalapeno peppers, and fire-roasted tomatoes take this shepherd's pie south of the border. Balance the heat with mounds of cheddar mashed potatoes.

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    Sunday Pot Roast

    Everyone needs a classic pot roast recipe, and here's yours. Our secret for a rich, melt-in-your-mouth roast? A simple rub of Dijon mustard and garlic.

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    Chili-Style Pot Roast

    We've given hearty chili a company-worthy makeover. This succulent roast is the best of two worlds -- tender, juicy meat and an irresistibly spicy sauce.

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    Cider and Sweet Potato Pot Roast

    Cozy up to this hearty stew for dinner tonight. With a sweet and savory blend of apple cider, sweet potatoes, and garlic, this comforting roast is perfect for a chilly winter night.

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    Fennel Pot Roast

    This simple recipe feels special thanks to caramelized fennel and shiitake mushrooms. Add richness to the sauce with red wine -- and don't forget to pour yourself a glass, too!

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    Southwestern Shrimp

    This all-in-one dinner boasts the Southwest flavors of chili powder and lime. Melty tomatoes and corn add fresh sweetness.

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    Garden Veggie Shrimp

    A parchment packet steams this one-dish meal to perfection. The veggies stay bright and crisp while the shimp are infused with the flavors of lemon and thyme.

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    Ginger-Soy Shrimp

    Skip greasy takeout tonight -- this simple shrimp dish is just as easy and delicious. Frozen edamame and bok choy are cooked to perfection with soy sauce, honey, and ginger. Best of all? It bakes in just 20 minutes.

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    Proscuitto and Broccolini Shrimp

    A tangy white balsamic marinade brings out the best in sweet shrimp, tender Broccolini, and salty prosciutto.

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    Greens, Cannellini Beans, and Andouille Sausage Pan Stew

    For a hearty weeknight dinner, look no further than your pantry! It's easy to mix and match beans, greens, and sausage for an effortless pan stew. Kale has become our go-to green -- it picks up flavor as it wilts but never gets mushy.

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    Chicken Sausage, Pear, and Kale Pan Stew

    Don't be afraid of a little color on your onions and pears. Caramelizing them brings out their natural sweetness -- the perfect match for savory sausage and kale.

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    Butter Beans, Italian Sausage, and Chard Pan Stew

    For an Italian twist on comfort food, we're turning to creamy butter beans, Swiss chard, and sweet sausage. Play up the flavors with balsamic vinegar and Parmesan cheese.

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    Black Beans, Andouille, and Collard Greens Pan Stew

    Infuse tender collards and black beans with the spicy smokiness of andouille sausage. A last-minute sqeeze of lime keeps the flavor fresh.

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    Basil Chicken with Sprouts, Squash, and Apple

    Turn to your trusty sheet pan for dinner tonight. A zesty lemon-and-red-pepper rub on the chicken melts into the surrounding veggies as they cook.

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    Honey-Mustard Chicken with Cauliflower

    Sweet and sticky honey-mustard chicken is about as irresistable as dinner gets. A savory mix of caramelized cauliflower and Brussels sprouts finishes the plate.

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    Cilantro-Lime Chicken and Sweet Potatoes

    Roasting brings out the natural sweetness of apples, Brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes in this one-pan dinner. Keep things balanced with a hefty sprinkle of lime zest.

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    Smoky Chicken with Fingerling Potatoes

    Spice-cabinet staples like chili powder, smoked paprika, and brown sugar transform chicken and potatoes into a craveable weeknight dish.

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    Carrot-Orange Smoothie

    This wholesome blend of carrot and orange is a sweet way to start your day.

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