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Debbie Shore's Pepper-Avocado Omelet
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Smoked Turkey Salad with Oranges

It's a breeze to eat well. Simply toss smoked turkey with arugula, sweet red pepper, and juicy orange slices. A tangy citrus vinaigrette makes a delightful finishing touch.

Chevre-Fig Spread

Looking for a simple party dip? Try this creamy goat cheese-based dip featuring figs, walnuts, and fresh thyme. Serve it with toasted baguette slices.

Antipasto Pinwheels

These bite-size sandwich rolls feature all the goodness of antipasto -- two cheeses, Genoa salami, and fresh basil -- and it's so simple to make.

Orange, Mint, and Asparagus Pasta Salad

Feta cheese adds a touch of tanginess to this simple pasta toss featuring juicy orange slices, fresh mint, and crunchy asparagus.

Spice-Rubbed Chicken

A sweet-spicy rub turns chicken breasts into a delicious dinner main course. Serve it with mashed potatoes or a medley of fresh veggies.

Chicken Noodle Toss with Greens

Turn leftover chicken into an unbelievably good second dinner by tossing it with green onion, arugula, fresh basil, and rice noodles. With a light lime juice-soy sauce glaze, the dish is full of flavor.

Cowboy Chuck Roast with Onion Gravy

A mixture of diced tomatoes, garlic, onion, and mole sauce tops this flavorful beef roast recipe.

Ranchero Beef Hash

Ideal for a Sunday brunch, this dish calls for leftover beef roast, red potatoes, eggs, and salsa. Tortilla strips add a bit of crunch.

Basic Beef Bolognese

This hearty beef sauce makes a perfect topper for pasta -- and it takes just 15 minutes to whip up. Make it ahead for a quick and easy dinner.

Smoky Calzone

Filled with meat sauce, two kinds of cheese, and crushed red pepper, this calzone recipe will quickly become a family favorite. Pizza dough from the fridge makes a super-simple crust.

Paula Deen's Herb-Fried Chicken

Paula Deen's fried chicken is comfort food at it's finest -- and the TV chef says she wouldn't dream of preparing it any other way. "My fried chicken wouldn't be the same without [a 12-inch skillet]," she says. "A big pan gives the chicken plenty of elbow room so the buttermilk-herb crust comes out crisp."

Mario Batali's Spanish-Style Rice with Winter Vegetables

New York City chef Mario Batali's one-dish wonder is a vegetarian masterpiece that combines rice, winter vegetables, and herbs. "It's like a lighter version of risotto with Spanish flair," he says.

Nancy Wall Hopkins' Chocolate Gingerbread with Simmered Oranges

Why does Nancy Wall Hopkins, Deputy Food Editor of Better Homes and Gardens, make this luscious dessert in a skillet? "To see the surprise on their faces when my girls see it come to the table," she says. "I love the hearty stand-up-and-talk-to-you flavor. My favorite part is having the leftovers at breakfast."

Bob Rae's Skillet Beef Tenderloin

Looking for a solution for dinner tonight? Try this simple beef-and-veggie medley. "The recipe can go straight from the stove to the table," says Bob Rae, cookware designer and president, Meijer Corporation.

Debbie Shore's Pepper and Avocado Omelet

Breakfast has never looked so good. "A big skillet is the secret to my perfect omelet -- not too thin, not too thick," says Debbie Shore, co-founder of Share our Strength, a 25-year-old organization fighting childhood hunger.

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