Better Homes & Gardens February 2018 Recipes

Cozy up to a bowl of pasta or a platter of perfectly seared steak, then dig into a decadent chocolate dessert with your sweetie. You're sure to love these late-winter recipes, including comforting dishes from our brand-new issue and favorites from Februaries past.

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    Creamy Mushroom and Bacon Pasta

    If you're in the "bacon makes everything better" camp, you'll love this creamy pasta recipe. Use bacon drippings to start the soup, then stir four crumbled slices into the finished entree. The salty, crunchy addition makes an ideal partner for the savory mushrooms.

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    Conversation Heart Cutout Cookies

    Rather than wearing your heart on your sleeve, wear it on your dessert! Customize a sweet sugar cookie with your love note of choice for the ultimate edible Valentine.

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    Pan-Roasted Beef Shoulder Tenders au Poivre

    We’re spilling the technique for steakhouse-quality beef: Sear steak in a skillet then, roast until it reaches your desired temperature. Before digging in, stir together a pan sauce as the meat rests and the juices redistribute.

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    Chicken with Escarole and Warm Mustard Dressing

    Can't find escarole? This healthy chicken dinner can also be made with romaine with similarly delicious results. Whichever green you choose, one bite of this mustard vinaigrette-topped masterpiece will make you change the way you think about grilled chicken salads.

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    Golden Turmeric Fish

    Fish dinners often come one of two ways: soaked in oil and coated in an overwhelming batter, or bland and boring diet food. But not this broiled red snapper recipe. It’s rubbed with an island-inspired spice blend, then topped with mango chutney and fresh cilantro for a light yet flavorful entree.

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    Herby Cocktail Sauce

    Leave the bottled cocktail sauce on the shelf and build a better shrimp cocktail with this easy DIY thick, herb-loaded sun-dried tomato dip.

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    Gooey Chocolate Pudding Cakes

    We purposefully call for cooking this twist on a lava cake in ramekins so no one can steal a crumb of yours! Grab a spoon to scoop up a bit of chocolate-hazelnut cake and some of the gooey hot chocolate-like filling in one bite.

    Fan Favorite from February 2012

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    Sweet Potato-Chorizo Lasagna

    Instead of tomato sauce and beef, this Mexican lasagna calls for a creamy sweet potato sauce and spicy chorizo sausage. Don't worry: We've kept all the cheese and plenty of noodles.

    Fan Favorite from February 2014

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    Red Velvet Heart Cookies

    Give cookies the red velvet treatment with cocoa powder and red food coloring (plus a festive dusting of powdered sugar) for a Valentine’s Day treat that will warm hearts.

    Fan Favorite from February 2017

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    No-Knead Honey Bread

    For the lightest, most tender results, allow the dough for this easy bread recipe to chill and rise for 24 hours during the first rise. Once you smell the baking bread—and take a bite of an herb-topped slice—you'll know it was worth the wait.

    Fan Favorite from February 2016

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    Big Basil Shrimp Chowder

    For a harbinger of spring and summer, we love serving this shrimp chowder in the late winter months. Because it’s made with frozen corn, it’s easy to stir together any time of year.

    Fan Favorite from February 2015

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    Fudgy Cherry and Port Brownies

    While it's a challenge to not snack on these immediately after baking, try to pace yourself: These port wine and cherry brownies taste even better after resting overnight.

    Fan Favorite from February 2013

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    Pizza Margherita

    Choose your crust (multigrain or original), add a sauce (classic, spicy, pesto, or garlic), then top with plenty of mozzarella and Parmesan cheese for a pie that's way better than you can get in a delivery box. For a pizza party, set aside dough portions for single-serving pies, and allow guests to choose their own toppings.

    Fan Favorite from February 2012

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    Dark Chocolate Pudding

    It takes just 20 minutes to stir together this completely homemade creamy chocolate pudding. It’s so simple and so incredibly delicious, you’ll never buy the prepackaged cups or the boxed mixes again.

    Fan Favorite from February 2016

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    Cherry Chicken Spirals

    Stuffed with cherries and turkey bacon, then coated in crunchy whole wheat panko bread crumbs, this far-from-boring chicken breast recipe is perfect for a date night or an elegant family dinner.

    Fan Favorite from February 2013

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