Better Homes & Gardens February 2017 Recipes

Glazed Celery And Fennel
What's the secret to the latest recipes from the pages of Better Homes & Gardens? Cooking in cast iron. Your trusty pan transforms boring basics into the best dinner ever. Try the crispiest roast chicken or fluffy biscuits -- they're sure to be new favorites. Plus, we've got the perfect bowl of chili and easy weeknight dinners.

Red Velvet Heart Cookies

We heart these stunning cookies. Share the love by baking a batch and decorating them with our handy stencils. 

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Sesame-Crusted Roast Chicken

So much crispier than grocery store rotisserie chicken and just as easy. It all happens in your cast iron skillet. 

Indonesian-Style Beef & Rice Bowls

Your family will love choosing their toppers for this take on a classic rice bowl, and you'll love the cleanup -- it all happens in a skillet. 

Crusty Fish Sticks

So long soggy fish sticks! A little olive oil and a smoking hot pan deliver deep-fried taste without much fat. 

Bowl 'O Red

This bowl proves chili doesn't need the beans! Serve them alongside for those who must have 'em in their bowl.

Cauliflower Steaks with Hazelnuts & Browned Butter

Seared cauliflower steaks are transformed into a dinner-party worthy side thanks to a quick pan sauce of brown butter and hazelnuts. 

Mushroom and Cheese Sourdough Toasts

Serve these toasts with a simple side salad and you've got dinner done in 30 minutes flat. 

Radishes with Crispy Prosciutto

When cooked, radishes mellow out and become slightly sweet. Balance the ruby root with a sprinkle of crispy proscuitto and a drizzle of cider vinegar. 

Veggie Skillet Biscuits

The best part of these buttery biscuits? A bunch of veggies in the batter means they're practically a health food.

Cheesy Italian Baked Beans

A quick trip to your pantry is all you'll need to put an Italian spin on classic baked beans. Try sprinkling on crushed red pepper flakes for extra heat. 

Orange Cornmeal Cake

Instead of cloyingly sweet brown sugar pineapple, we've added tangy orange and fresh thyme for a totally grown-up take on the classic upside-down cake.

Pan Pasta with Sausage

We love the spice that mustard greens give this dish. Not a fan? Try tossing in baby kale instead. 

Pork Meatball and Escarole Soup

A lighter version of Italian wedding soup, it contains a big bunch of greens and simmers together for just 10 minutes. 

Glazed Celery and Fennel

Cooking in cast iron brings out the sweetness of these everyday veggies. The key is to cook the vegetables until the liquid evaporates and their natural sugars caramelize. 

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