Better Homes & Gardens February 2007 Recipes

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Creamy Basil Chicken

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Onions, garlic, and bacon give Creamy Basil Chicken homey goodness. Prep time is a snap: simply put the chicken and vegetables in a slow-cooker and let it work its magic.

Chicken and Wild Rice Chowder

Use leftover chicken mixed with mushrooms for this earthy chowder. It takes less than an hour to make and the creamy sauce ensures the soup's place as a family favorite.

Spicy Beef Sloppy Joes

This spicy beef mixture slow-cooks down to a tasty sloppy joe filling. Vitamin-packed veggies add a nutritious edge.

Spicy Beef Taco Salad

Black beans and beef add protein to this fresh-tasting taco salad. Serve with tortilla chips and sour cream.

Grapefruit-Watercress Supper Salad

Grapefruit's grown-up flavor refreshes beyond breakfast time -- try it for supper served over watercress with avocados. If you need another reason to enjoy this vitamin-filled fruit, remember it's also low in calories and provides cancer-fighters lycopene and beta-carotene.

Inside-Out BLTs

Whether you consider bacon a special treat, or put it in everything you make, this tempting side is a satisfying compromise. Plum tomato halves brim with a savory bacon, lettuce, and cheese filling.

Chocolate Pillows

What's not to love about this dessert? It's pantry friendly, super easy, and chocolaty delicious!

Salmon "Martini"

Fill those seldom-used martini glasses with a light starter of salmon, avocado, and cucumber, drizzled with a lemon-tinged olive oil dressing.

Sweet-and-Fiery Polenta Fries

Sugar and cumin provide the sweet; chili powder and cayenne add heat. Sprinkle the combo on fries cut from ready-made polenta.

Easy Mixed Grill

Lime-marinated shrimp top this tender steak. A skewer of spicy sausage and Herbed Ketchup update the surf-and-turf duo.

Filet with Crab Topping

So long leftovers! Effortlessly feed two with a tasty plate of bacon-wrapped steak with a creamy crabmeat sauce. Herbed rice and snow peas or a crisp green salad are fitting sides.

Hawaiian Tacos

The combination of spicy Italian sausage, refreshing pineapple and cucumber salsa, and fresh cilantro is like staging a vacation on your dining room table -- goodbye food blahs, hello invigorating entrees.

Peruvian-Style Chicken Tacos

Tomatoes, potatoes, and plums tumble with ground chicken in these spicy tacos. Corn tortillas add rugged flavor, but you can use flour tortillas, if you prefer.

Chicken, Greens, and Brie

Conjure images (or memories) of a romantic European dinner for two with this elegant meal. Chicken cooked in Marsala is topped with Brie and pesto, then served over a fruity salad.

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