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four-cheese pimiento dip
Check out our latest recipes from Better Homes and Gardens magazine: homemade Christmas candy, Scott Peacock's pot roast, easy dinners, and more.

Sandwich Cookie Pops

Combine a Chambord-spiked cookie, raspberry buttercream, and white chocolate to make a sophisticated treat.

Coconut & Grapefruit Gumdrops

A childhood favorite gets a makeover by infusing the candy with bold flavors and cutting them into sleek squares.

Orange & Nut Toffee

This buttery brittle features candied orange peel, walnuts, and cashews for a brighter twist on toffee.

Eggnog Marshmallows

These homemade marshmallows feature traditional eggnog spices and a cap of white chocolate.

Candied Cherry Opera Fudge

We've added the theatrical flourish of candied cherries to this 1960s classic and formed the fudge in a loaf pan so it's easy to slice.

Drunken Sugarplums

Dried plums are soaked in brandy, then coated in sweetened butter and dipped in chocolate.

Mint Chocolate Slab

For a stunning (and fuss-free) dessert, melt chocolate, pour it over mint patties, and scatter candies on top.

Salt & Pink Peppercorn Caramels

A sprinkling of coarse salt adds crunch and brings out the creamy sweetness of these caramels. Pink peppercorns have a mild citrus-sweet heat that adds a light flavor and color.

Citrus Salad

Key ingredients -- oranges and coconuts -- from the classic holiday dessert, ambrosia, are tossed with crisp lettuce for a light brunch salad.

Ham-Asparagus-and-Cheese Strata

This flavorful strata can be assembled the night before. Just add the eggs when you wake up and pop it in the oven.

Sugar & Spice Steamed Pudding

With spices and candied fruit, this stove-top dessert is the perfect holiday stand-in for coffee cake.

Pork & Sweet Potato Stew

Nutmeg, sage, and apple-cranberry juice flavor this hearty stew. Serve it on a chilly night or when unexpected guests drop in.

Braised Cabbage with Spicy Croutons

Drizzle cabbage and lemon wedges with olive oil and top with garlic-and-red pepper croutons.

Christmas Pudding

Warm, this pudding has a creamy texture like a thick sauce. Or make it up to three days ahead and serve it chilled.

Classic Pot Roast

Chef Scott Peacock's pot roast recipe features tender, melt-in-your-mouth beef and caramelized onions.

Bacon & Blue Cheese Dinner Pies

This easy dinner idea, featuring Granny Smith apples and smoky bacon, is ready in just 30 minutes.

Pea Soup with Ham

Apple juice and sautéed leeks give this hearty soup long-simmered flavor in just 25 minutes.

Two-Potato Frittata

This meatless dinner or brunch dish makes the most of leftover veggies.

Lemon-Caper Tuna & Noodles

A splash of lemon juice adds brightness to this comforting pasta dish. Crushed croutons give it crunch.

Shrimp with Peppers & Corn

Chili-seasoned tomatoes and smoky cumin spice up this one-dish dinner.


In this easy recipe from Sandra Lee, strips of sirloin marinate in citrus juices, soy sauce, and mustard before grilling.

Bruschetta Biscuits with Feta

Baby spinach, basil, dried tomatoes, and kalamata olives flavor these bruschetta-inspired biscuits.

Maple Crunch Muffins

Top these crowd-pleasing muffins with maple frosting and crunchy granola.

Ricotta, Gorgonzola & Honey Spread

Sweet honey is a wonderful complement to the sharp Gorgonzola cheese in this pretty party appetizer.

Four-Cheese Pimiento Dip

Crisp bacon, chopped green onions, and diced tomatoes top this zesty party dip.

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