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Sherbet Fruit Pops

Cool down with homemade frozen pops for a healthy, refreshing summer treat. Layer fresh fruit and sherbets in paper cups and freeze overnight.

Chocolate Cupcake Ice Cream Sandwiches

Sandwich chocolate chip ice cream between chocolate cupcakes for a new spin on a classic summer treat. Don't forget a napkin when you eat this finger-licking goodie!

Vanilla Dream Float

For a quick and easy cool-down combo, top cream soda with cookie dough ice cream. Cream soda has the old-fashioned flavor that gives the float its smooth vanilla taste.

Tropical Treat Sandwiches

Sandwich sherbet striped with watermelon, orange, cherry, pineapple, and banana flavors between sugar cookies for a tropical treat.

Lemon Drop Shakes

Pucker up with a lemon shake by blending vanilla ice cream with lemonade. Add sparkle to the glass rims with crushed lemon drop candies and sugar.

Double Melon Bowls

We've found a use for the melon rind! Blend pureed cantaloupe and softened vanilla frozen yogurt and serve it in each half of the hollowed melon.

Tasty Trios

Itty-bitty sundae-style desserts make a splashy dinner finale. Fill tiny plastic glasses with clever combos and dig in.

Neapolitan Sundaes

Enjoy a spoonful of creamy Neapolitan ice cream and crispy crepes. In 20 minutes you can slice ice cream and arrange the sundaes.

Mint Ice Cream Waffle Sundaes

From start to finish, assemble this mint ice cream sundae in 5 minutes. Scoop ice cream into the cones and top with fudge sauce and berries.

Dulce de Leche Ice Cream Torte

Enjoy "dulce de leche" (pronounced DOOL-say day LAY-chay) ice cream in this layered torte. The Spanish-based flavor is cooked-down, caramelized milk.

Grilled Salmon with Garden Mayonnaise

Grill fresh salmon and asparagus with salt, pepper, and olive oil for only 8 minutes on a hot grill. Top with cool and creamy Garden Mayonnaise.

Mustard-Dill Catfish

In less than 10 minutes, create this mouthwatering fish dish. Simmer the tomato relish in a skillet to bring out its tangy flavor.

Shrimp Tacos with Fresh Tomato Salsa

Toss shrimp and green beans with Jamaican jerk seasoning -- a blend of spices and a mild, sweet heat. Serve in corn tortillas with fresh tomato salsa.

Upside-Down Berry Cornmeal Cake

Whip together this upside-down berry cornmeal cake in 20 minutes. Top with low-calorie berries rich in antioxidants.

Arugula Salad with Berry Dressing

Berries are the base of this salad dressing. Toss whole berries with nearly any salad green -- raspberries with spinach and blueberries with Boston Bibb lettuce.

Franks with Napa Slaw

Perfect for cook-outs, sprinkle this tangy coleslaw over frankfurters to add pizzazz to a classic summer meal.

Coffee-Mallow Torte

Prepare a springform pan with a crushed chocolate wafer crumbs mixture. Then fill with a coffee-infused, marshmallow-whipped mixture and freeze.

Black Raspberry Cream Pie

It won't take you long to make this frozen dessert. With five ingredients, you'll have time to make it on a weeknight!

Seashell Hot Dog Bake

Sauteed onions and garlic with hot dogs, spaghetti sauce, and shell macaroni make a gourmet-style hot dish.

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