15 Mouthwatering Recipes Our Editors Can't Wait to Make This Spring

In our kitchens, the month of April means a couple things—rhubarb is back and we'll be cooking ham. Year after year we look forward to cooking with these ingredients, and this year we pushed rhubarb recipes and Easter ham (plus, leftover ham ideas) to their most delicious limits. Try every recipe from the April 2019 issue of Better Homes & Gardens® magazine to see for yourself.

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Stuffed Spiral Ham

Stuffed Spiral Ham on serving plate oranges greenery
Jacob Fox

If you've already perfected how to cook ham, take it up a level with this stuffed ham for Easter. It looks incredible but is a cinch to make when you start with a spiral-sliced ham. Simply insert orange slices, garlic, and fresh herbs between the slices. Your Easter ham has never looked so impressive and been so easy.

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Ham and Pea Tortellini

Ham and Pea Tortellini

This is, hands down, our favorite way to use leftover ham from Easter. It's also a good reason to go buy a ham steak if you don't have leftovers. In only 20 minutes, depending on how long it takes your stove top to boil water, you'll be digging into a springtime pasta dinner starring cheese tortellini, peas, arugula, ham, and cheese. It's a guaranteed family-pleaser.

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Woven Easter Basket Cake

Woven Easter Basket Cake on pink tray

A simple sheet cake morphs into a special Easter dessert with the help of your pastry bag and a basket-weave decorating tip. Tuck egg-shape sugar cookies (or Easter candy) into the basket for the finishing touch.

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Speckled Egg Sugar Cookies

Speckled Egg Sugar Cookies

The speckled effect on these cut-out sugar cookies is fun and easy to create, plus you get to bring out a bit of the abstract artist in you! After the cookies are iced in your desired colors (we like pastels for Easter, obviously), stir together a bit of vanilla and cocoa powder, grab a clean paintbrush, and start splattering your "paint" over the cookies. It's a cookie decorating idea even the little ones can help with.

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Open-Faced Cuban Sandwich

Open-Faced Cuban Sandwich cut in half

Add this six-ingredient sandwich to your weekend lunch repertoire. In only 15 minutes (and with a side of fruit or veggies,) you'll have a lunch for four so you can keep rocking your weekend to-do list.

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Basic Chia Pudding

Basic Chia Pudding bowls with sliced fruit and nuts
Jacob Fox

Your breakfast bowl can hold so much more than dry cereal. Start basic, then get as creative as your taste buds can handle with the toppers and mix-ins for your chia pudding bowl. You can make and chill them ahead for a healthy on-the-go breakfast idea.

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Rhubarb-Strawberry Brownie Skillet

Strawberry Rhubarb Skillet Brownie
  • We'd wager you've had plenty of tasty strawberry-rhubarb desserts, but have you put that delicious duo into a brownie? Now is the time! We'll understand if you're too impatient to cut out wedges from the brownie and instead grab a fork and dig into the skillet. It's that good.
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Lime Chicken Tortilla Soup

Lime Chicken Tortilla Soup in White Bowl

This under-300-calorie soup takes advantage of fresh, bold veggies and herbs for flavor and purchased rotisserie chicken for speed. The result is a satisfying soup recipe (19 g protein and 5 g fiber will keep you full) in only 30 minutes. It beats any can from the soup aisle of the grocery store.

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"Rhu-Berry" Streusel Muffins

"Rhu-Berry" Streusel Muffins

We wish you all the luck in stopping at eating only one of these breakfast muffins packed with blueberries and rhubarb. The muffin recipe is amazing itself, but the streusel topping with cardamom, more rhubarb, brown sugar, and butter is really what pushes the yum factor up a notch. If you manage not to eat the entire batch, they can be frozen up to three months, so you can enjoy them long after rhubarb season is over.

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Leftover Ham Chef's Salad

Leftover Ham Chef's Salad resting on serving plate on top of marble counter

You might get the whole family on board with salad for dinner when this main-dish salad is on the menu. Family-friendly ingredients—eggs, ham, chicken, and cheese—fill this protein-packed recipe.

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Mina (Matzo Pie with Spinach and Leeks)

Mina Matzo Pie Spinach Leeks
Blaine Moats

Matzo might be an unfamiliar ingredient. But most grocery stores and supercenters carry it. Look for it with snack crackers or in an ethnic or Kosher section. Then start layering it in this dish that tastes like a cross between lasagna and an egg bake.

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Grilled Asparagus with Toum

Grilled Asparagus with Toum on white serving plate
Blaine Moats

We confess, we were unfamiliar with toum until this recipe crossed our plates. It was a delicious lesson. Toum is a simple Middle Eastern (Lebanese specifically) sauce of garlic, lemon, oil, and salt. This version incorporates a touch of honey too. You probably have everything you need to make the sauce in your kitchen. Now grab some asparagus and cook up this springy side dish.

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Rhubarb Pulled Pork

Rhubarb Pulled Pork sandwich wrapped with tissue paper
Brie Passano

Pork + rhubarb = a surprising match made in barbecue heaven. You'll get tender succulent shredded pork with slaw on a bun, but we infused rhubarb flavor into the sauce and added fresh rhubarb to the slaw.

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Rhubarb-Bacon Jam

Rhubarb-Bacon Jam on sliced toast with scallion topping

Yay, a homemade jam recipe with no processing or freezing required! Instead simply use your skillet to cook this sweet and smoky rhubarb jam featuring bacon. Serve it on ricotta toasts, in a grilled cheese sandwich, on a burger—or any other culinary use you dream up.

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Carrot and Chickpea Skillet

Carrot and Chickpea Skillet with wooden spoon
Blaine Moats

This satisfying skillet supper is proof that you can skip the meat and enjoy a hearty dinner. Actually, this dinner recipe is vegan, but no one would notice until you point it out. Protein- and fiber-filled chickpeas team up with some of the heartiest vegetables—carrots and cauliflower—to make a filling dinner in 35 minutes.

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