20 Best Scallop Recipes

Don't be intimidated by this tender, juicy seafood—it's easier to make than you think. Whether you save these succulent scallop recipes for a special occasion or try one on a weeknight to spice up your usual routine (they cook SO FAST!), these easy scallop recipes will impress everyone at your table. Scallops take just a few minutes to cook, so many of these recipes can be ready in 30 minutes or less.

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    Seared Scallops with Citrus Beurre Blanc and Warm Slaw

    This dish is as colorful as it is flavorful. Pink grapefruit, bright orange slices, and radishes add bursts of freshness to this easy skillet dinner. With multiple food groups, it's an all-in-one meal that's ready in 45 minutes. Scallops truly shine when surrounded by all these fresh ingredients, but a few slices of prosciutto make it even a little more indulgent.

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    Quick Scallop and Noodle Salad

    When we say "noodles," we actually mean "zoodles!" This mouthwatering scallop salad might look like it's served over a bed of pasta, but it's actually surrounded by zucchini noodles, fresh spinach, and cucumber. If you're feeling more indulgent, swap the zoodles for traditional pasta in this scallop recipe.

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    Grilled Herb Scallops with Balsamic Syrup

    Kick off your backyard barbecue in an elegant fashion by serving these grilled scallop appetizers as a seafood starter. Prep them a few hours in advance so they have plenty of time to marinate, then relax at your grilled seafood feast.

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    Seared Scallops and Baby Spinach with Spiced Pomegranate Glaze

    You don't have to be a professional chef to make this fancy dish, but you'll definitely feel like one when it's finished. For a picture-worthy presentation, serve the scallops on top of wilted spinach, then sprinkle the plate with pomegranate seeds and a drizzle of bright red sauce.

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    Grilled Drunken Shrimp and Scallop Skewers

    These grilled shrimp and scallop skewers are a perfect make-ahead seafood meal for grilling season (especially when you've had more than your fill of burgers and brats). Marinated in tequila and served with a boozy jicama slaw, this entrée is ready for a backyard party with neighbors and friends.

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    Prosciutto-Wrapped Scallops with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli

    Every party needs a showstopping appetizer, and these basil- and prosciutto-wrapped scallops are ready to take the spotlight. To make them even more special, serve these savory treats with a roasted red pepper aioli for dipping.

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    Weeknight Paella

    Trust us: Making homemade paella is much easier than taking a trip to Spain for the real thing—but just as tasty. Ready in just 25 minutes, this scallop, shrimp, and rice dish will leave you dreaming of the Spanish coast

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    Barley-Squash Gratin with Scallops

    When the leaves start changing color, it's time to make this scallop and barley grain bowl. You can make most of this dish in your slow cooker. Let the butternut squash, spinach, and barley simmer all day, then skillet-cook the scallops and add them to the mix just before serving.

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    Scallops-Pecans Wilted Salad

    Once you get a taste of this scallop and pecan main-dish salad, you'll never go back to plain spinach again. Top it off with a warm homemade dressing for a hint of sweet and spicy flavor to complement the subtle scallop flavor. Is your mouth watering yet?

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    Seared Scallop-Tequila Shooters

    These scallops are definitely here to party. Puree pineapple and mango together to make each shot of tequila a little sweeter, then garnish each glass with a few mango cubes and a seared scallop

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    Orange-Pistachio-Stuffed Grilled Scallops

    Scallops might be smaller than some other types of seafood, but you can still fill them with a fresh, crisp stuffing. Use pistachios, fennel leaves, and parsley to make the gremolata filling, then serve the grilled scallops with arugula and orange slices.

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    Scallop and Asparagus Alfredo

    You can never go wrong with creamy, dreamy Alfredo sauce. Adding scallops to the mix makes this pasta entrée an extra-special treat. It's not all decadence, though—using whole wheat pasta and stirring in a full pound of asparagus makes this indulgent meal a little healthy, too.

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    Seared Scallops with Noodle Salad

    Grab your chopsticks: This scallop and noodle salad is inspired by Asian flavors. Sesame oil, fresh ginger, and yuzu peel all play a role in bringing big flavors to this easy noodle bowl. Adding cucumber and sesame seeds at the end gives it some crunch.

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    Chilpachole (Seafood Stew)

    If you're craving seafood, this stew is a must. We can't imagine a dish with more seafood than this—it's loaded with shrimp, tilapia, scallops, and mussels. Mix and match your favorites, or make this stew with the freshest seafood available—clams, calamari, and crab are all great substitutions.

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    Citrus and Scallops Supper

    Seared scallops are just one of the four components in this complete dinner recipe. Add plenty of color and nutrition to your plate by serving scallops with an orange salad, wilted spinach, and quinoa with raisins and pine nuts.

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    Multigrain Angel Hair with Scallops and Tarragon-Lime-Basil Pesto

    Angel hair pasta with homemade pesto is good, but adding seared scallops to your plate makes it even better. Finish with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese to make this home-cooked meal restaurant-worthy.

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    Piri Piri Scallops with Spinach-Pineapple Salad

    Homemade piri piri serves as both a marinade and a sauce in this yummy grilled scallops recipe. Serve over a sweet and savory spinach-pineapple salad (with bacon bits!) to turn grilled scallops from an easy appetizer into a satisfying meal.

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    Pineapple and Scallops

    Since scallops are a little sweet on their own, pairing them with pineapple is an easy choice. A quick marinade with jalapeno peppers keeps these grilled skewers from becoming too sweet. You can also serve the extra sauce on the side for anyone craving even more heat.

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    Scallops with Garlicky Tomatillo Salsa

    Scallops and salsa may not sound like a match made in heaven, but this homemade tomatillo salsa will have you convinced that it's meant to be. While the scallops marinate, you'll have plenty of time to whip up the salsa so it's ready to go when the scallops come off the grill.

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    Scallops with Dill Sauce

    If you want to let scallops be the star of the show, this is the recipe for you. Before broiling, season the scallops with a simple mix of butter, pepper, and paprika, then serve with a refreshing dill sauce.

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