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Catfish 'N' Chips

Fishing around for a few new catfish recipes? These fillets are ready to swim their way straight to your table! Whether you're craving BBQ catfish or classic fish and chips, we have plenty of flaky, crispy, crunchy catfish recipes for you to try. Leave your baitbox at the door and get started serving the catch of the day for dinner!

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Chile-Lime Catfish with Corn Saute

Chile-Lime Catfish with Corn Saute

BBQ catfish, here we come! Coat these fish fillets with a zesty combination of lime juice and ancho chile pepper, then sear them in a skillet for a quick and flavorful dinner. If you really want to bring the spirit of BBQ fish to this recipe (in more than just flavor), you can also try grilling your catfish fillets before serving with our spicy corn saute.

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Fish and Chips

fish and chips, fries, video stills
Matthew Clark

For a moment, this classic fish and chips recipe had us convinced it came straight from the UK. If you're a catfish lover—or if catfish is the catch of the day—try soaking it in beer batter and frying to make this flaky, crunchy recipe. If you want to speed up the process a little, you can bake a batch of frozen fries, but we can't recommend these wedge-cut fries (or chips, as they say) highly enough.

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Cajun-Flavor Catfish

Cajun seasoned catfish pieces with lemon wedges

This recipe has all the flavor of a roof-raising fish fry, but instead of grilling or frying, this catfish fillet is made a little healthier by baking. Start with a fish rub made from Cajun seasoning, crushed red pepper, and chili powder (this recipe really brings the heat!), then just bake and serve. We'll let the flavors speak for themselves.

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