You can't beat the amazing flavor of fish hot off the grill. With our guide to delicious, easy-to-prepare grilled fish recipes, we eliminate any intimidation you might have about putting fish on the grill. We've included a comprehensive how-to, with grilling times and temperatures for whole fish, fillets, lobster, scallops, and shrimp. You can also turn to our information on basics: cleaning shrimp, skinning fish, and, most importantly, how to tell that you're getting the freshest fish possible. That includes choosing sea or bay scallops for the best flavor. We even include a grilling glossary for backyard grilling newbies. Unsure if you should be using direct or indirect grilling? Not even sure what the difference is? We'll walk you through each technique and give you downloadable charts that explain how to grill your favorite pieces of fish and seafood perfectly every time. Once you feel comfortable with all the techniques, it's time to dive into recipes. We show you how easy it is to get fish from fridge to grill to table in just a few steps, with a few ingredients, and with minimal fuss.

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