Fish Basics

Do you like to eat fish? Do you know how to make delicious fish at home? Let us help you integrate fish into your regular dinner routine with our back-to-basics guide. Before you start to cook, you need to know how to buy for optimal freshness. Use our tips to know exactly what to look for at the store to choose the best fish. If you forgot to ask for your fillet to be skinned, use our guide to walk you through the steps of how to skin a fish. If you're a fan of sushi, we've got the perfect primer for you: how to roll sushi! Perfect as finger food at parties or for an elegant dinner, you'll be able to make your own sushi at home with any flavor you desire. Unsure how long to cook fish, shellfish, or other seafood? Refer to our downloadable charts of cooking times for everything from shrimp to crab and mussels to oysters -- even lobster. To break it down even more, we've got seven simple ways for you to take fish from fridge to table in just minutes.

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